Man arrested after allegedly assaulting and disarming deputy

KCSO: suspect removed small dagger from a deputy’s duty belt

A man was arrested Monday in Seabeck for allegedly violating a restraining order, along with assaulting two deputy’s and disarming a “small dagger” from one deputy’s duty belt.

According to the incident report, Robert M. Bloom had violated a restraining order at a Seabeck residence and refused to leave after multiple warnings from deputies. After Bloom was initially told that he was under arrest, he allegedly tried kicking at the deputies and had to be wrestled to the sofa, according to a statement of probable cause filed in Kitsap County Superior Court on Tuesday.

After one deputy grabbed Bloom’s legs, the suspect punched him in the face, documents read. Bloom also allegedly tried to bite one of the deputies and then headbutted him. The suspect was eventually tased, but continued to wrestle with the two deputies.

According to documents, at one point a deputy noticed that Bloom had removed a small dagger from the front of his duty belt. The deputy then noticed the dagger was near the suspect’s hand, to which the deputy allegedly threw it across the room. Another pocket knife was found on the ground and the deputy also threw that one across the room, the incident report states.

Eventually, deputies gained control of Bloom and arrested him for assaulting and disarming a law enforcement officer, resisting arrest and violating a restraining order. His bail was set at $250,000.

Both deputies had “numerous scrapes and nicks” as a result of the altercation. One of the deputies allegedly had bloodstains on his uniform as well as blood and swelling to his lips.