Readers’ comments — negative or positive — on the Independent’s news coverage and editorial policies are welcome.

Readers’ comments — negative or positive — on the Independent’s news coverage and editorial policies are welcome.

Thumbs down:

From Vivian Henderson, Port Orchard:

Free? Is that what you call a trip across the old Tacoma Narrows Bridge?

I don’t call cars lining up and moving by feet, sometimes by inches to cross the old Tacoma Narrows Bridge “free.”

Whether a driver was going East or West at least an additional 45 minutes either way was required in the planning to arrive at a destination on time.

How many of us have schedules that put a value on our time?

You call it “free?”

The long, arduous delays by traffic inching forward cost gasoline, wear and tear on our vehicles and created dangerous emissions. Congestion and impatient drivers added greater risks for a safe passage.

Do you call that “free?”

The loss of human life is “free?” Ask those who have suffered injuries, or the families who lost loved ones in numerous tragic automobile accidents on that old congested, inadequate bridge if their loss has been “free.”

I think it is very unkind and unfair of the Port Orchard Independent to criticize Judy Oke for seeking support to name the bridge after her late husband.

I was at the county commissioners’ meeting on April 14 when the commissioners enthusiastically passed a “symbolic expression” resolution to name the bridge after Sen. Oke.

I didn’t notice July Oke twisting anybody’s arm to sign the resolution. I doubt if she twisted anybody’s arm at the Port Orchard City Council or the Port of Bremerton.

You are publicly criticizing her for something she has every right to do.

I admire Judy Oke for her dedication. Back off.

I’m one Sen. Bob Oke constituent who would love to see the bridge named after him.

I’m one Sen. Bob Oke constituent who sincerely thanks him every time I cross that bridge for the obstacles he overcame to get it built.

I’m one Senator Bob Oke constituent who gladly pays the toll to sail across that bridge with a better chance of getting home safely and quickly.

You want to complain about tolls? A round-trip on a Washington State ferry from the Kitsap Peninsula is $23.


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