BI to look at 3 alternatives for Winslow Subarea Plan

The Bainbridge Island City Council will receive a briefing on the draft alternatives for the Winslow Subarea Plan at its meeting Sept. 26 in person at City Hall and on Zoom.

The city has been working with LMN Architects since late fall 2002 on the update. The project team has created alternatives that include density, mobility, open space and natural features, and housing.

In-person and online public engagement regarding the alternatives are planned for the second half of October.

The three alternatives are: do nothing, focus on dense centers with walkable corridors and distribute density by expansion of middle housing.

Option 2 would increase height and density but decrease lot coverage. Mixed use also would be considered. Reduced parking requirements are recommended. Place retail along Winslow Way and High School Road. And add height setbacks from Winslow Way downtown.

Option 3 would do much of the same, but not as much, except for the area boundary would be expanded to accommodate growth rather than going up as high.

The council also will look at the short-term rental law for residential dwellings of less than 30 days per stay. The draft law establishes a registration system, ensures owners pay city taxes and fees, and establishes quality of life protection for residents.

The goal for the city is to prevent the loss of rental housing stock, preserve quality of neighborhoods, capture tax revenue, allow economic gain for residents, support tourism in a balanced way and more.

Finally, the council finally will look at a new law to authorize waivers for water and sewer connection and participation fees and subsidies for water, sewer and stormwater infrastructure for affordable housing projects.

On the consent agenda:

The city will look to partner with the BI Metro Parks and Recreation District on extending the dock in Eagle Harbor. Parks uses a floating dock to store and launch small boats for its sailing programs. The city wants to relocate the float, and the two decided to extend the existing permanent dock instead.

It will also look to increase Transportation Impact fees for new development. A study shows the fees were among the lowest in Kitsap County. The base rate would become $5,000.

It also will advertise for the Winslow Water Tank Replacement Project, plan to spend $201,200 more on the Winslow Subarea Plan and almost $50,000 more on the Comprehensive Plan, and encourage state lawmakers to pass the federal E-Bike Act.