Affordable housing for seniors is scarce | Aging Matters | February

During our metropolitan park district petition campaign for Village Green, a Kingston resident complained that the former military housing had been turned into a park. His view was the site should have been made available as affordable housing.

While I was asking myself what we have now in the way of affordable housing (it is scarce), I received an inquiry from a Hansville resident planning for the day when her brother, who’s 56, slightly disabled and living with his 92-year-old father, needs to be closer to her. That’s how this column evolved.

You can expect new affordable housing to come with planned senior housing at Village Green. This 40-apartment project will be for seniors, defined as 62 and older. It will be built on a different schedule from the community center and possibly finished by 2012. Funding is also separate.

To be considered affordable housing, rents must be less than the market rate. For instance, at the Village Green, the rents assumed for planning are 10 percent to 27 percent less than market rates. These numbers are partly driven by income qualification standards, dictated by funding sources that do not allow rents to be greater than 40 percent of income for seniors.

At Village Green, one- and two-bedroom units will be made available. In each category, some will be for people at 50 percent of area median income, and some for people at 60 percent of area median income.

When the market study was done in 2008, those numbers were as follows: For one person, 50 percent of median income was $24,450 and 60 percent was $29,340. For two people: 50 percent was $27,950, and 60 percent was $33,540.

What is available right now? Below is a table of affordable housing presently available in Kingston and a partial list of what’s available in Poulsbo.

These facilities have income qualification standards that apply but the standards may vary from place to place. Most have waiting lists.

Times Square:

26234 Illinois Ave. NE, Kingston; 16 units; senior; (360) 297-7188


10434 NE St. Hwy 101, Kingston; 20 units; family;

(425) 423-0304

Kingston Ridge:

26659 Myrtle Lane NE, Kingston; 42 units (half are market rate rental units); family; (360) 297-7003

Fjord Manor:

19581 1st Avenue Northeast, Poulsbo; 38 units; senior; (360) 779-6939

Hostmark I, II, and III:

703 NE Hostmark St., Poulsbo; 120 units; senior

(360) 779-4687

Winton Woods I and II:

20043 Winton Lane, Poulsbo; 82 units; family;

(206) 454-8960