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View from the Village Green Metropolitan Park District | Village Green Update

Most readers of this update are aware that the Village Green Community Center, Village Green Park, the pavilion and tennis courts are operated and maintained… Continue reading



Thirty years ago, I was a driving instructor – helping Spanish-speaking adults in Los Angeles become licensed drivers. Like me, many of those adults were Baby Boomers – born between 1946 and 1964. By 2030, this country’s over-65 population will number 71 million, more than double what it was in 2000. So the odds are that at some point, some proportion of those people I taught to drive should probably be persuaded to stop driving.


Aging Matters: Hearing loss and aging

Hearing loss is not exclusively associated with aging.

Aging Matters: Memory myths and realities

Do we have to resign ourselves to a poor memory as we get older? The reading I’ve done says no, emphatically. If true, that’s good… Continue reading

Aging Matters:Dealing with a difficult elderly person: to intervene or not to intervene?

This month’s column arises from a friend’s troubles dealing with her mother, who lives in California, has mounting challenges, and is very resistant to any… Continue reading

Aging Matters: Generation talk

I recently heard a speech espousing the belief that Generation Y is the real ‘greatest generation.’ Though the Baby-Boomers (that includes me!) and Generation Xers… Continue reading

Aging Matters: Scams that target the elderly

Citing a 2000 report by the Federal Trade Commission, state Sen. Bob McCaslin successfully introduced a 2009 bill that extends the statute of limitations for… Continue reading

Aging Matters: Depression in the elderly

Like other matters discussed in this column, depression is not limited to the elderly. The National Alliance on Mental Illness states that every year, one… Continue reading

Who is depending on you? | Aging Matters | October

Recently a couple we know were both hospitalized at the same time. They are not elderly but both are eligible for senior discounts.The situation served… Continue reading

Overmedication is a complex problem for seniors | Aging Matters | March

This month's column topic was suggested to me by a friend in Hansville. Overmedication can mean either a proliferation of medications or a dosage that is too high.

Rethinking power of attorney | Aging Matters | June

After reading a recent Wall Street Journal article, I think most of us should consider revisiting our Durable Power of Attorney documents.It was alarming to… Continue reading

Exercise can help you fend off those winter blues | Aging Matters

In the course of following up on personal medical matters, it came to my attention that I’d been taking a narrow look at depression. Readers may recall having read about the topic in previous columns. A trusted medical adviser offered a new perspective on what we call depression, and it seemed worthy of being shared here.

A different kind of list for the New Year | Aging Matters

Recently I learned that two friends my age passed away suddenly, with little advance warning, and I wondered how readily the surviving spouses were able to sift through financial and legal details.

Playground is a hit; next project is the tennis courts | Village Green MPD

The next momentous event will be resurfacing of the tennis courts

It’s getting easier to stay behind the wheel | Aging Matters

Advances in science and technology suggest that we don’t necessarily have to resign ourselves to the awful choice between either being an increased hazard on the road or giving up driving altogether.

Village Green Cider Press Sept. 22 | Village Green Update

Pie in the Park was our August focus. Thanks to everyone who baked, ate, bought and served pie — and ice cream.

Navigating advance directives | Aging Matters| July

Search as I might, I couldn’t find an Aging Matters column on advance directives, though it seemed there had been one. The topic is a natural continuation of June’s column on powers of attorney. What it is: An advance directive provides instructions about future medical care in the event one becomes incapable of stating one’s own wishes.

A safer way to dispose of medication | Aging Matters | May

My last column was about overmedication and polypharmacy, use of more medications than clinically indicated.It occurred to me in the weeks since writing that column… Continue reading

What does ‘old’ really mean? | Aging Matters | June

It’s beginning to look as though really are going to have a replacement multipurpose community center/library/Boys & Girls Club/ and senior center at the Kingston… Continue reading