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The Deerwhere Awakening: Here’s another sci-fi book that captured my imagination. Author J.W. Capek has created a world that just could happen in the not too distant future.

In her book “The Deerwhere Awakening,” Capek takes us to a world where there are three genders.

After centuries of war, over-population, and global pandemics, there followed a New Confederation of Peace: of work, of service to others, and of recreation. Together in Deerwhere, the survivors were male, female and uniale, pronounce uniale as “you-knee-ale” with the emphasis on “you.”

In this book there are many renamed items. The bathroom is a bodyroom, and “nhe” is he or she, and a “fren” is a uniale friend. Capek has put a glossary of words and definitions at the back of her book, full of fun translations so the reader can fully enjoy this new world.

This story also introduces us to the Keeper: Deerwhere Quantum Core (DQC) and supplemental server computers. They run things for the uniale population.

I’m enjoying this story and the possibilities it presents, and this book is number one of a trilogy. She said the next book will be “Adrion’s Passage.”

Its story line is that after a devastating earthquake forces a group of uniales to leave the city/state, they explore their continent … and encounter other uniales, conflicting cultures, natural wonders, and new perspectives.

Capek said she plans to continue writing in this genre.

“Yes, The Uniale Saga has captured my imagination and, for now, they can only exist in science fiction,” she said. “Then again, as science advances, within the next 40 years, they may move to non-fiction.”

Another thing she said was, “This was my bucket book and I have finally finished it!”

Nice she could take one thing off her bucket list, don’t you think?

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Quote for today: “The book to read is not the one that thinks for you, but the one that makes you think.” Harper Lee

— Donna Lee Anderson teaches writing and is the author of two novels and a reference book for writers. Contact her at welltold tales@aol.com.