Things to love about books

Do you agree with these reasons for loving books? “They don’t require batteries or charging, you can read them in the bathtub, you can take… Continue reading


Writing and editing your book

Being an author and getting your novel or story published is not an easy job. First, you have to write the whole story — yes,… Continue reading


Donna Lee Anderson

Library bookmobiles provide an important service | Bookends

A very fond memory from my childhood is the arrival of the library bookmobile at the playground of my grade school. It would come at… Continue reading


Discovering the Kitsap Peninsula | Bookends

The holiday season is fast approaching and, for lots of families, this means visitors. So, what do you do with those visitors? Show them around… Continue reading

‘The Deerwhere Awakening’ | Bookends

The Deerwhere Awakening: Here’s another sci-fi book that captured my imagination. Author J.W. Capek has created a world that just could happen in the not… Continue reading

‘Wild Bird’ by Wendelin Van Draanen | Bookends

This week, I interviewed an author in a new way. Wendelin Van Draanen gave a presentation of her YA book “Wild Bird” to middle-school students… Continue reading

Jennifer J. Wilhoit and Writer’s Helper | Bookends

Meeting with authors and those other participants in the writing world is one of the great perks of writing this column. I’ve met those who… Continue reading

Read Kim Vogler’s “Home Before Dark” and Sandy S. Fisher’s “Grandma’s Bedtime Stories” | Bookends

Many of you readers have been through the trials and tribulations of starting a business. In “Home Before Dark,” author Kim Vogler has us follow… Continue reading

Author Dave Richards and The Seattle 7 Writers

Did you know that April is Autism Month? Cindy Rasmussen wrote a book, “Autism, a Family Journey.” It is available through Amazon and was… Continue reading

A chat with Paul Lewis | Bookends

Correction: The Memoir Writing Class I am presenting is on May 6, not May 26 as was printed erroneously in my last column. Sorry if… Continue reading

AARP says reading is good for your health | Bookends

In a recent issue of the AARP Bulletin, they listed 50 great ways to live longer. This was No. 37 on the list: “You need… Continue reading

On meeting Carol Cassella, author of ‘Oxygen’ | BookEnds

When you’re reading a book, or have just finished a book, do you ever wonder what the author is like? Sure, you can see the… Continue reading

Writer encouragement and review of ‘People of North Kitsap Peninsula’ | Bookends

A question for all you writers out there: Where are you in the writing plans you made for the New Year? Have you started writing… Continue reading

Poetry and oral storytelling | Bookends

Authors tell stories in many forms. Some write novels, some write poetry and some, like George Hastings, show their talents as a story teller by… Continue reading

More from A.C. Fuller and Pendelton C. Wallace | Bookends

A few weeks ago I told you about a book called “The Anonymous Source,” written by A.C. Fuller. It’s a great read about a reporter… Continue reading

Author C. J. Quinn and A.J. Banner book launch | Bookends

“Talia and the Capture of Wrath,” C. J. Quinn’s newest book, is written for the middle-grade audience but, much like the Harry Potter books, adults… Continue reading

A.C. Fuller, author of ‘The Anonymous Source’ | Bookends

Several months ago, a friend and fellow writer said to me, “Have you met A.C. Fuller yet? He’s a neighbor of yours.” We both lived… Continue reading