Tempus Fugit by Eileen Sorg

Spring is nearly here | Hansville Happenings

The first sign of spring has popped up in my mail box — an invitation to The Northwest Flower &Garden Show, Feb. 22-26. The theme is “Taste of Spring,” and the early bird catches a ticket discount (www.gardenshow.com).

Birds, bees and bunnies … This year, one of our most talented artists is showing her work at the garden show. Stop by and check out the award-winning drawings and prints of artist Eileen Sorg, whose medium is colored pencils with ink, pastel and watercolor — and a large dollop of humor and whimsy.

The ultra-realism of her depictions of birds and animals can be traced to her degree in wildlife science from the University of Washington and time spent as a biologist for the U.S. Fish &Wildlife Service.

Sorg’s art has been featured in The Artist’s Magazine, American Artist, and Drawing Magazine. She is the author of three books and gives classes a few times a year (www.twodogstudio.com).

Intertwingled Lives … at 7 p.m. on Feb. 21, the “Talking About…” at the Greater Hansville Community Center will be an exciting and entertaining presentation by award-winning filmmaker John F. Williams. The topic: “How All Living Things, Great and Nearly Invisible, Are Connected.” (Or “intertwingled.”)

Williams’ TV series “SEA-Inside: Pacific Northwest” ran for four years, and his underwater films have been shown at local and national film festivals and science conferences. And now he is also exploring dry land — our local forests and beaches.

Williams’ photography is amazing. You’ll see things you’ve never seen before. His descriptions of ecosystems are eye-opening — from plankton to bears, sea otters to sea holly, salmon to trees, we are all intertwingled and must stay connected or the results will be dire.

Brainy gardeners … digging, planting, weeding and reaping strengthens your muscles and your mind. And I can attest to the joy of a cutting garden of dahlias, thanks to the generosity of local gardener Fred Nelson, who seems to grow dozens of varieties.

Until you can get your hands in the dirt, consider trying chair yoga, which has much the same benefits. Taught by Marcia Randall DeBard at GHCC, the free monthly classes are 2-3 p.m. on Mondays in the East Room (www.hansville.org.)

We have a bestseller! All 500 copies of “People of the North Kitsap Peninsula,” the impressive 210-page book from the Hansville Historical Society, sold out in 26 days last fall. A second printing of 300 was ordered — and there are only 100 copies left. It’s packed with interesting stories, facts and vintage photos.

To get a copy ($35), contact Lois Lee, historical president, loeelee@com cast.net.

— Annette Wright was an editor and writer for women’s magazines in New York City for 25 years. Contact her at wright annette511@gmail.com.

A Bug In Your Ear by Eileen Sorg