Emotional high tide or light-hearted joy

Leo came in like a wrecking ball shaking us awake. In the aftermath, we find ourselves in a whole new ballgame. We’ve left something behind, but can barely remember what it was (maybe our bloated egos?) and are rushing into our changing future.

Whatever we released is what kept us from living life from our golden hearts. With courage and hearts intact, we arrive at Virgo’s door where service comes naturally because she knows the great secret. Connection to Spirit lies in our hearts. Forget that and here comes those bloated egos, again!

The second new moon in Leo created a switcheroo in the cosmic line-up. Instead of a new moon followed by a full moon in its sign, this game introduces a different batting order. Now the new moon is followed by the full moon of the next sign with its new moon trailing along later. In this set-up, the full moon crisis makes clear what intentions or corrections are needed at the new moon.

High tides of emotions flood in with the Pisces full moon (Sept. 6 at 12:02 a.m. PDT). We feel the servitude, drudge and persnickety attitude that happens when we do Virgo’s routines without heart. (Yuck.) We feel all ‘a-lone’ because we are the only ones working, the only ones who can do it right. (Sniff.) Will we slide into a Pisces pity-party forgetting that we are ‘all-one’?

Being aware of changing emotions in and around us and letting them flow shifts everything. Spending time in nature can return us to simplicity and help us find the sacred witness within who watches the dance of love that we are all attempting. Compassion for our feeble attempts reveals the magic of Pisces and the joy of All-One-ness.

At the very least, the full moon shows us what emotions pull us out of our hearts and where we must relax and find the light-hearted joy in daily life.

Horoscope Sept. 6 – 15

Virgo, Leo’s excitement threw you into the vast Collective Mind. (And you thought your mind was busy.) It’s a foggy mess in there but Mars calms down, Mercury turns out of retrograde and you can get back to work with a new sense of why. Compassion flows.

Libra, much as you’d like some quiet and less work behind the scenes, the party continues as you engage wonderful new contacts, a showy lot who adore you which makes them irresistible! Some prove to be all show, no go. No problem, your social and work calendar is full. Next!

Scorpio, sometimes play is the re-creation of ourselves or simply an escape from reality. Hmmm…whatever, you need some. Take a pragmatic view of networking and your social sphere. Who is helping you do what? After a month in the limelight, new possibilities emerge. Get a strategy!

Sagittarius, the last few years were hard work and you’re seen in a new light – which gets better everyday. Don’t quit yet – except on what you don’t want. Plan, then spend time and energy until the new year consolidating opportunities you do want. Go to your roots and from there, fly!

Capricorn, talking about dreams and aspirations illuminate them. The best ones open far horizons in terms of philosophical beliefs. Know who your true friends are, especially in business. The best use of this moon is moving pragmatic goals ahead by doing the details. Make it real.

Aquarius, your values and self-worth are being reviewed. It’s hard to get a hold of those concepts about yourself and easy to fall into illusions or fantasies about your true worth. Sometimes in knowing your closest partners’ values you can see your own. Align yours and theirs.

Pisces, your moon and your ruler, Neptune, stand out front where all is revealed. You may feel vulnerable. You may find that vulnerability is both your strength and most endearing quality. Transparency enhances your position even in business. True partners align with you.

Aries, Mars moves from fire to earth and you have work to do. First, what burned itself out in the fire of Leo’s clarity? What excesses, what ego-based goals? Your heart is burned clean. Choose goals wisely and upgrade your diet, exercise and sleep routines. You need a body to play the game.

Taurus, as practical as you are, you’re a softy: supporting charities and a sucker for your family, especially your progeny. (This is our little secret.) Consider expanding your idea of family and children to other creative endeavors and collaborators? This is the lesson for the next two years.

Gemini, at the root, you’re logical and confident in that ability. Your roots and standing in the community are up for reconsideration. As for your standing, don’t fool yourself in either fantasy or disillusionment. You’re extra sensitive to how you’re seen. Remember trees grow from the roots up.

Cancer, intuitively you can sort real possibilities from fantasies even as you let dreams fly in the process of finding your next one. They must add to life in caring, practical ways. Leo’s fire-storm cleared the view of your worth. That is still in process, but the outcome is a harvest and a foundation.

Leo, the trail you are blazing goes on for some time with more being revealed in who you are, how you present yourself and how you are received. What you value and what you bring to the table has never been clearer to you. Only invest where there is total alignment.