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Recently, I met with D. V. Berkom, author of “Vigilante Dead,” and of course I had some questions.

I asked her where the idea for this book came from and she said, “News reports of the explosion of opiate overdoses involving fentanyl. This book deals with pharmaceutical companies, drug dealers, and how people perceive junkies, as well as the heartbreaking cost of opiate addiction.”

Kate Jones, the private investigator in this book, gets involved when an overdose results in the death of a college student that has no history of even doing drugs, and the parents come to her for help. The story is set in Seattle and when several other deaths occur with the same chemical markers, the police assume these are just victims who bought from the same dealer, but Kate thinks it might be something else and starts to investigate.

It’s a fast-paced read with lots and lots of action, and if you think this investigator is going to be a ‘nice’ lady, think again. This PI is as rough and tumble as any male you might have read about. This book is number eight in the series of Kate Jones books and I’m almost finished with it. Can’t wait to start with number one “Bad Spirits” and, lucky me, I found the first four books in a box set on Amazon for a really good price.

Berkom also writes another series in which the main character is Leine Basso. These are also thrillers and Basso is a former assassin that worked for the U.S. government. In Berkom’s book “Cargo,” Basso is handling a case of a missing girl. In order to get into the inside workings of the organization she thinks is responsible, she has to make liaisons with some really bad dudes. This is another fast-paced read that will keep you up late and wanting to know more about the adventures Basso gets herself into. This book is also available on

A little about Daphne (yes, that’s what the D stands for): She liked to travel and said, “I’ve been all over the place but my husband and I keep searching for the perfect snorkeling spot. We’ve come close on the island of St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands. And, we’re seriously crazy about visiting hot springs. One of the most unusual places I’ve ever been in that regard would have to be Chena Hot Springs, which was out at the end of a lonely road several miles from Fairbanks, Alaska, where they use Clydesdale horses to “mow” their lawn, and the chef at the time had a fantastic wine cellar (and shared). And then there was Thermopolis, Wyoming, where Butch and Sundance used to hide out.”

I think you’ll find her books take you away to a place you may not ever have wanted to visit, but find pretty exciting when you take a look at them through her stories.

To find out more about this author and her books take a look at her website

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CORRECTION: In a recent column I wrote about the Poulsbohemian, but I called it a coffee shop, and it is not. The Poulsbohemian is a Coffee House. Now you know.

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