Vote yes on North Kitsap School District levies

Please vote yes for both levies running for our NK Schools.

Prop. 1, Educational Programs and Operations Levy, maintains what is offered now and needed to maintain our high academic standards, special education and other vital programs that the last levy maintained.

Prop. 2, Facilities and Technology Capital Projects Levy: The state does not provide for capital facilities and this is essential for maintaining our buildings and support facilities. It’s really an inexpensive stopgap to carry us over to a future bond, hopefully soon. Our last bond is being paid off the end of 2018 and these two levies will not raise our taxes any higher than what we’ve been paying.

Having been on the Capital Facilities Advisory Committee (eight years) after the last bond, I was a bit of a watchdog to help ensure the monies raised were spent on what they were originally dedicated by the bond measure. We have recently been through some difficult times — closing a school and tightening the belt that upset some employees — but our district has come through, and morale is strong and positive for our kids and community.

To continue to move forward, the good people of North Kitsap should continue to do as they have done for a generation: vote yes for both Propositions 1 and 2.

Craig C. Smith