SKSD has no business defining ‘civility’

I am somewhat perplexed by the “civility letter” from the South Kitsap School District and the need for them to tell the public how to act when dealing with the school district and board. While civility is always correct in any personal interaction, I question the district’s place to tell people how to act. You can’t legislate common sense. Folks seem to have forgotten the danger of getting between any parent and their children.

I am also surprised by who signed the joint statement on civility. Mr. Wilson, board president, was apparently speaking only for himself as no emergency board meeting was held to allow the other board members to have input on the letter as required by law. The union leaders who signed all routinely bargain in secrecy so they can avoid the public eye. The superintendent says transparency is their hallmark but several comments reveal that parents don’t know or understand why or what the district is doing regarding their children’s education.

I thought the reason for the forum was to address parent and community issues and concerns without judgment. Educating parents is the job of the board and district, not defending policies as if parent concerns don’t matter. From what I have heard and read, the perceived civility issue lies with many involved; not just a few. Afterward, some parent comments questioned voting for district levies and bonds when the district, school board and union leader’s perceived arrogance tells the community how to interact with those who educate their children.

Jeff Daily

Port Orchard

Jeff Daily is a SKSD board director.