Root offers urgency, leadership

We need a county commissioner who will make decisions and respond to our current crisis with urgency and leadership, which is why we’re supporting Oran Root.

In times of prosperity, we can survive indecision and misplaced priorities. If we are to emerge from these difficult days, this approach is no longer an option. The years ahead will require that we elect a candidate who will join with our commissioners to create a thoughtful and effective plan and then make decisions.

Oran Root possesses the experience and skills to help our struggling families and businesses working to survive and then once again prosper. As local business owners, founders of Friends of the Fast Ferry, creators of Full Circle Meals and community activists successfully working to fund our SK Community Events Center, we know first-hand what is required of our elected commissioners, that they work and collaborate without respect to partisan or personal views.

Oran Root is the only candidate in this race who embraces these standards, along with the leadership and decision-making skills that are so critical in these days ahead. Join us to elect a commissioner who will protect our community’s interests. North Kitsap and Bainbridge Island already have their commissioner, we need our own here in South Kitsap.

Steve Sego and Coreen Haydock

Port Orchard