Make a call or write a letter to help the children of the world

Congratulations to Chris and Bob Cairns for making a difference in our world (“Chris and Bob Cairns honored for work fighting poverty, disease,” by Terryl Asla, Kitsap Daily News, June 9).

Their recognition by RESULTS ( shows that they have done incredible work, because RESULTS members are experts on what it takes to end hunger and poverty in our world. For example, supporting funding for the education initiative of the Global Partnership for Education. With more than 200 million children and adolescents out of school, there is much work to be done. The benefits are definitely worth the effort: more earning power, better health, lower birth rates, and less conflict.

Each of us can help by asking our representatives and senators to support continued funding for Global Partnership for Education. Be inspired by the Cairnses’ work and make a call or write a letter to help the children of the world.

Willie Dickerson