Letters to the Editor

Amazing response

To the editor:

This past week a close friend had a very serious heart incident. Fortunately, his wife discovered his fall and loss of consciousness and immediately called 911. Three aid cars arrived within minutes and about eight EMTs immediately began attending to him giving him CPR and then shocking him twice. Once stabilized, they placed him on a tarp and carried him up the hill to a waiting aid car that whizzed off to the fire station and a waiting helicopter. They landed at Harborview and then transported to Virginia Mason. Immediately, about seven doctors surrounded him and continued his care.

Our friend stayed in the hospital five days having various procedures and surgery and will recover to his full and active life. The doctors said his recovery was due to our Bainbridge Island EMTs and their fast, efficient, knowledgeable response, especially Sequoia Jones and Alan Turnbull for their thoughtful care.

The doctors said that the great majority of people experiencing a serious heart incident would have some brain damage, but due to the immediate 911 call, the rapid arrival of the EMTs and their excellent professionalism our friend is one of the lucky ones.

We should be proud that we have such a treasure here in the Bainbridge Island Volunteer Firefighters Association.

Janie Ekberg