Letters to the editor

Incorrect info

To the editor:

I am writing to call out and correct false information in regard to the Bainbridge City Council race between Deputy Mayor Kirsten Hytopoulos and Dick Haugen.

Haugen has repeatedly stated that Hytopoulos was one of the councilmembers responsible for the purchase of the Harrison Medical Building for the new police court facility. But she was not on the council.

This kind of behavior should disqualify Haugen from representing the community. The contrast with Hytopoulos couldn’t be more clear. Kirsten has served the Bainbridge community with integrity, commitment and openness while on the council. In these turbulent times, we need her now more than ever.

Virginia Brewer


Vote Haugan

Letter to the editor:

I write on behalf of Dick Haugan running for Bainbridge Island City Council.

I have known Dick for many years. He is a creative thinker and a problem solver. He values solid information and facts. He digs in and does the work and the research necessary to bring quantitative analysis to difficult problems and issues. The skills Dick has are not currently represented on the council, where an absence of information doesn’t seem to matter much, leading members to vote blindly on hot topics or to rely on a city staff that doesn’t reflect the desires of the general population.

Rather than adopt dismissive comments about Dick’s effort to establish accountability for council actions, do the research yourself. There is merit in his arguments. His skills are needed in our community.

Helene Smart