Letters to the Editor

Choose Goodlin

To the editor:

Tom Goodlin gets my support for another term as parks commissioner.

Tom has demonstrated his commitment to care for and steward our island community for the last several decades by volunteering his time on a number of boards and committees. I have always found his contributions to be thoughtful, studied and carefully considered.

While his background keeps him well-grounded in a science-based perspective, his concern for keeping all ages of our community vital makes him an excellent candidate for parks commission.

Please join me in voting for Tom.

Maryann Kirkby


Vote Hytopoulos

To the editor:

Along with autumn leaves, ballots are about to drop. This has been a very low-key campaign season, but there is one contested seat on the City Council that warrants attention.

For over 17 years I have worked with incumbent Councilmember Kirsten Hytopoulos on multiple issues. Since first becoming a member of council, Kirsten’s approach to complicated issues has always been principled, thoughtful and pragmatic. In the face of a difference of opinion, Kirsten always explains, to community members and to other councilmembers, the reasons for her position. On council that approach has often resulted in compromise and collaboration, leading to decisions that have lasting benefits for the community.

Kirsten’s commitment to addressing growth and climate change in sustainable ways is just one reason to support her. She has consistently demonstrated her understanding of our Comprehensive Plan, the importance of the upcoming Winslow Subarea Plan and the need to maintain our limited water resources. With her prior years of service on council and experience gained as a mediator, Kirsten has the depth of experience and skills needed to continue to be an asset to the community and council.

Given the issues we face, this race is important to everyone on the island. Please join me in voting for Kirsten.

Elise Wright