Letters to the Editor

Troll a hit

The Bainbridge Island Metro Parks and Recreation District again struck gold with Pia the Troll.

I have seen on social media and heard people talking about it in my business, about how wonderful it is. My grandchildren have already been photographed and mesmerized by Pia the Troll.

We are truly blessed to have the resources, programs and facilities that we have here on Bainbridge, along with the jobs parks provide. Having grown up here, we never had the facilities or programs that the district has now.

The leadership, administration and workers should be commended for the job they do for us. To the people who recently were trying to recall our park board commissioners—what were you thinking?

Keep up the good work—parks—we appreciate it.

Walt Hannon


Fire seminar

To the editor:

After watching with horror the fire devastation at Lahaina, I want to find out what we on Bainbridge Island need to know in the event of an out-of-control fire here.

We have a wonderful fire department and city and county road engineers. We need water storage and firefighting air support.

I would love to go to a seminar and learn what to expect and what I can do to help my neighbors and myself.

Who is in charge? State, county, city?

Dick Krutch

Bainbridge Island

Relay success

To the editor:

On Aug. 5, over 100 community members worked to accomplish two goals: to swim a relay around Bainbridge Island for the 17th year in a row, and to raise money for those facing financial crisis due to serious illness.

Arms Around Bainbridge gathered volunteers, kayakers, motor boaters, Bainbridge Prepares, the BI park district’s marine services unit, Town & Country Markets, Bainbridge Brewing, BI Rowing, Sound Reprographics, Windermere and its foundation, along with nearly 40 swimmers, to accomplish the pre-dawn to dusk, 30-mile circumnavigation.

Together, we raised over $50,000 to keep our sick neighbors in their homes by paying for rent, groceries, medication, utilities, ferry tickets and more. In addition, with the help of the Bainbridge Community and Suquamish foundations, we can continue to deliver chef-made, customized meals to our recipients to further alleviate their financial, time and energy burdens. We are fortunate to live in this generous and strong community.

Janice Huang and others