Letters to the editor

Support trail

To the editor:

We are writing in support of the Bainbridge Island trail from Vincent Road to Opal Ridge Trail in Gazzam Lake Park. The trail connects a string of trails from Winslow from as far as Hawley Park to Gazzam. This trail will allow cross-island non-motorized access to Gazzam—an environmental benefit to reduce traffic.

This trail mostly runs along the Vincent Road transfer station property and in the park only the last 150 feet. To visit Gazzam, we have walked with friends along Vincent Road many times and have taken my life in my hands as vehicles round its blind curves.

Trails must be designed thoughtfully to conserve our open spaces, and we find that this one is located with the least impact on the park but greatest benefit to the community. Gazzam Lake Preserve was established 28 years ago. The property had been logged thrice since the 1800s and is consequently a relatively young forest. Its habitat has improved over time as our park with trails.

We understand that the park district is working with the land trust to close some unneeded Gazzam trails. We encourage thoughtful trail design decisions and strongly support this trail for safe, non-motorized park access for all.

Janet Knox and Tom Fehsenfeld

Bainbridge Island

Feeling safer

To the editor:

Is feeling safer bad? “BI votes against experts to feel safer.” A safety concern not even mentioned in the article about the proposed bidirectional bike lanes is that it would require cyclists originating or ending up on the other side of the road to cross the road – cross traffic going both ways – in order to access the trail.

Bidirectional lanes work well somewhere like the one between the ferry and High School Road where there is a stoplight at each end to facilitate safe access, and where there are no cross streets where cyclists would be turning.

Marilynn Gottlieb

Bainbridge Island