Letter to the editor

Whites not looked at first by the color of their skin

In response

Whites not looked at first by color of skin

To the editor:

I applaud and appreciate Michael Pollack’s recent letter regarding the subtle, and not so subtle, examples of systemic racism within our own City Council. I appreciate him brazenly pointing it out, as there are some of us within the white population that still do not see, nor understand, our own participation in racist comments and acts.

The term “white privilege” raises the hackles for some, feeling that their white life wasn’t privileged at all. I would never deny them that they have worked hard to achieve what they have, but I would ask them to recognize that although the hurdles were great and many, they were not preceded by, first, the color of their skin.

It seems that the person of color vying for a seat at the table was seen first by her skin color. Another aspect of white privilege is that we, those of us who are white, live free of fear when it comes to the color of our skin.

While on the subject of applause and appreciation, I love seeing families walking, or riding their bikes, together. I love seeing the expressions of art popping up in random places during this time of pandemic. This road is going to be long, and out of it I am hoping for unity amongst all of us, and it begins with each of us. Look kindly upon one another. Find beauty in every moment. Seek where you can be a part of the solution and not the problem. Peace.

Dana Rosenbaum

Rolling Bay