Letter to the editor

Security possible

Letter to the editor

Recently, a Port Orchard Independent article reported damage to the Burley Glenwood Elementary playground. The district rationale was that the recent bond failure was a contributing factor to the lack of security cameras to protect district property.

This is not the first damage to district property but the district reports few incidents to the newspapers. Marcus Whitman, Manchester, food service vehicles, and stolen maintenance vehicles are a few examples of damage that has occurred to district property. Taxpayer funded insurance covers the losses so few are concerned.

The 2019 voter-approved Capital Projects Levy had funds in it for security cameras for Marcus Whitman, John Sedgewick and Cedar Heights. However, there is no evidence that the funds were used to purchase those cameras.

The real issue is that security cameras are not real time. The district apparently wants a 24/7 monitored and integrated security system that protects all district property ideally through the CENCOM 911 system. That is expensive but could easily be funded if it was a district focus vs. other expensive wants. The district does not want “COSTCO” cameras as they would be reactive and not be part of an integrated system.

The taxpayer pays approximately $700,000 for a South Kitsap School District security team of at approximately eight people who only work days and two vehicles. Yet, most of the damage is at night when they don’t work. Therefore, the district relies on Kitsap deputies and Port Orchard police to do the same job.

Jeff Daily

Port Orchard