Letter to the Editor

Don’t lower bar

To the editor:

Fifteen school districts of the 295 in our state consistently fail to pass their bonds. South Kitsap is one of them.

Our legislators have a solution though—just lower the bar. They now want to change our Constitution to tacitly enable 15 failing school districts by lowering the passage rate to 50%. The current law is a 60% supermajority.

Our state’s Superintendent of Public Instruction, Chris Reykdal, is lobbying legislators for the change. I bet that those 15 failing school districts (including SKSD) are lobbying hard.

Did you know that the SKSD board gave specific permission to board member Kate Espy to lobby on behalf of SKSD? Did you know that SKSD’s bond debt limit is approximately $800 million? Do you wonder how many bonds that is?

Our legislators meet Jan. 8 and adjourn March 7. Senate Joint Resolution 8207, if passed, would make that change. The title is “Amending the Constitution to allow a majority of voters voting to authorize school district bonds.” Tell them no.

Many school districts lack the confidence and trust of their voters. They fail to effectively, efficiently and responsibly manage our tax dollars. This proposed change will enable any district to continue to fail the kids and voters. Now’s the time to send your emails to our legislators. Voice your displeasure and tell them not to support this bill.

Dave Kimble