Letter to the Editor

Work together

To the editor:

It’s time for the South Kitsap School District to consolidate its resources, like what is being done in the Bainbridge Island School District.

A recent Kitsap Daily News story covered financial challenges facing Bainbridge. The BISD must tighten its belts, make some cuts, and explore closing and consolidation of schools and programs to survive.

Given that BISD placed ninth in our state in academics it is doing something right and it does pass bonds and levies. One must wonder, can SKSD survive the financial pit it put itself in? So much for SKSD hitting the “Top 5” list in academics anytime soon.

With election results now certified, isn’t it time to stop with the blaming and scapegoating games? We’re tired of the bond shaming of others who did not share the same views of what might be best for the school district and kids.

I still recoil a wee bit when recalling a comment made the night of the election results. An SKSD bond supporter said something to the effect that taking into account the infamous demanding district that SK has become…That’s not very conciliatory.

So can the pro and con folks work together to find a path forward to help the district? Can they develop mutual trust and respect to help our district? I hope so, at least if it is truly for the sake of the kids.

Dave Kimble

Port Orchard