Letter to the editor

Election choices

Letter to the editor:

If the South Kitsap School District’s $271 million bond passes, how will your part of our community benefit? Will you enjoy three new elementary schools, one Discovery/Explorer School, or some upgrades to the south end of South Kitsap High School?

There will only be about $24 million “leftover” for other building improvements districtwide, assuming there are no cost overruns. And, there is still a lot of deferred maintenance on the district’s existing buildings.

Carefully consider SKSD and South Kitsap Fire and Rescue’s future bond and levy requests. SKFR passed its $180 million six-year levy, now it wants to run equipment and building bonds in 2024, followed by another levy in 2025.

SKSD will have technology, operations and maintenance levies in 2024 and 2025.

The current interest rates and costs on SKSD’S $271 million bond would add an additional $227 million of debt over the next 22 years. Such additional property taxes for some may be fine, but for most these increased taxes might break their budgets.

It’s easy for SKSD and SKFR to tell us they need more, but we must first consider “their wants vs. their needs” when we vote on these ballot measures.

“It’s the kids” who will be paying for these bonds and levies, though many have no voice or vote on these debts now. For me, I will continue to vote with my pocketbook.

Remember, ballot postage is free, so please return your ballots by Nov. 7.

Dave Kimble