Letter to the editor

Vote for Espy

To the editor:

I am writing in support of Kate Espy, who is running for the South Kitsap school board.

I have known Kate for 30-plus years both professionally and personally. Her work ethic is unmatched by most, and her dedication has been demonstrated over and over again.

Knowing her professionally and all the contributions she has made in the lives of her patients and co-workers has been astounding. Kate cares about each person she encounters and creates the environment to seek to understand.

Kate has already proved her worth on the SK school board and keeping in that role will benefit the community, children and staff of the SK School District.

Working with Kate in the Emergency Department and partnering with her to start the Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner program years ago has proved to be enduring and was rewarding. Kate knows how to buckle down and get the job done.

If a word sums up Kate it would be “passion” to get done what needs to be done and doing it while seeking out how it impacts others.

Cheryl Ann Graf