In memory

In memory

A tribute to Ralphie

I wrote this poem as a tribute to our beloved cat, Ralphie, who passed away recently:

Ralphie Hoffman

March 27, 1986-April 29, 2008

Ralph came to meet me

One beautiful day in May.

A wee furry kitty

With the most charming way.

He sat atop the shoulder

Of a lady in an old truck.

She brought Ralph to Camp Union,

It was our amazing luck.

The lady answered my ad

For an orange Manx kitten.

And as my eyes fell upon him

It was love, I was smitten.

Ralph was the last in a litter

Only a few weeks old — so tiny

So we brought Ralph home to live with us,

He captured our hearts immediately.

Ginger was the color

Of his long, gorgeous coat.

His eyes were of amber

I instantly took note.

Ralph’s tail was quite unique,

A curly cue so cute.

Everyone always noticed it

Ralph would say “What a hoot.”

His personality was the best,

He brightened all our days.

He had a wonderful sense of humor, too.

So funny in many ways.

One Thanksgiving Day long past,

Right in front of our big family clan, no lie,

Ralphie jumped up on the table

Began eating the pumpkin pie.

When it was time for bed our Ralphie

Would sleep with us, he made it clear.

It was Heaven to wake up in the morning

With Ralph curled around my head, purring in my ear.

Ralph always had a smile

On his handsome, intelligent face.

It was as if he had a secret —

He was in a happy, blissful place.

Ralph loved his home in the woods,

And we loved having him here.

He became the visible soul

Of our humble abode, the little Dear.

Ralph spent many hours outdoors,

The wildlife was his joy.

He knew this place was magical,

And so was our little boy.

Ralph would amaze us sometimes

And run sideways across the garden.

It was quite a sight to behold,

How he did it we could never fathom.

Ralphie loved his catnip

And would eat it right from my hand.

We grew it for him specially

So he could have it on demand.

Quite the world traveler

Our Ralphie had no fear.

He went to Mexico with us a few times,

All the way to Mazatlan one year.

Ralphie lived to be twenty-two,

A long life this pussycat had.

He is now in Heaven with God

And we are very sad.

We miss our Ralphie dearly

And so do the chipmunks, birds and bees.

Our home will never be the same

Out here amongst the trees.

Our hearts are broken,

We loved you more than we can say.

Our grief is profound.

If only to hold you once more, we pray.

We buried our beloved

Under the apple tree nearby.

We will forever love you, Ralph —

What a sweetheart, what a guy.

So here’s to you, Dear Ralphie —

Our best friend, our soul mate.

We will be thinking of you always

Until you come back to us, reincarnate.

Please do not wait too long,

Life without you seems in vain.

Our dear sweet pussycat,

In our hearts you constantly remain.