From the Kingston Fourth of July Celebration planning committee

As you may know, the 4th of July Parade down Highway 104 is a Kingston tradition and one of the longest-running parades in the western U.S., attracting thousands. People line the highway starting early in the morning to watch our small-town parade. I have lived in Kingston for only a short time — about four years now — but I am amazed at what a great community I have found here.

As you might imagine, it is quite a job to coordinate and organize the parade, the Tiny Town vendors and activities and the music and fireworks, but it’s worth it to see the crowds show up and the joy on kids’ faces.

To make all this happen, a small group of volunteers gets together starting early in the year to plan, organize and raise money. Our budget is approximately $40,000. It’s a lot of money, but the celebration brings a large number of visitors to Kingston on the 4th of July and beyond.

We rely entirely on local fundraising to cover the budget. Here are some ways you can help:

  • Purchase and wear buttons and t-shirts from local businesses and the farmers market;
  • Make a cash donation. You’ll receive a cling decal for your business or car when you donate $100 or more;
  • Volunteer your time during the event;
  • And invite your friends and family to celebrate with us.

We hope you enjoy the festivities. Check out our Facebook page and website for more information.

We have just become a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Your tax-deductible donations can be made online at You also can mail them to Kingston 4th of July Celebration, PO Box 1274, Kingston, WA 98346-1274 or bring them to the front desk of the Village Green Community Center.

Tony Clark Kingston

4th of July Celebration Planning Committee