Businesses need to pay their fair share

Good news! Washington state finally has a biennial budget. Now, our schools and state agencies can breathe easier and plan ahead.

Bad news! The bitter pill state legislators wanted us to swallow — $60 million in tax cuts given to companies — was added in the dark of night with no hearings or public input. In addition, middle- income homeowners (and renters, too) will pay more in property taxes, disproportionately felt in areas like Seattle.

I accept a property tax increase because I care about our schools and taking care of the vulnerable, but businesses need to shoulder their fair share of the tax burden, too. (Don’t get me started on the Boeing tax breaks!)

A big thanks to Gov. Inslee for seeing through this sleight-of-hand trick by Senate Republicans and vetoing their corporate tax cuts. I applaud our legislators, Sen. Christine Rolfes, and Reps. Sherry Appleton and Drew Hansen, for also standing up for fairness as our voices in Olympia. It is no coincidence that they, like Gov. Inslee, are Democrats.

My blue-collar dad once told me, “Republicans are for business, Democrats are for people.” It turns out he was right.

Alice McCain