Best 400 Credit Score Personal Loan Direct Lender Offering No Credit Check Loans In 2022

Life can get tough sometimes. Every day gets more and more challenging, especially when the whole world is in a financial crisis. The prices go up. The income stagnates.

In this situation, it is more than obvious that being late in paying debt and bills may happen. It may not seem too bad, but it reflects on the credit score and decreases it. You will feel the importance of having a good credit score when you apply for a bank loan and receive no response or loan offer.

The banks work with millions of people and companies, so they are not putting their money at risk and allow everyone to get a loan. So, you should know that having a bad credit score will not let you get another credit card or a bank loan.

Head up cause we are here to help you out. There are hundreds, maybe thousands of licensed lenders around the USA that keep multiplying and expanding their services. These lenders can meet everyone’s needs, including the needs of borrowers of loans for 400 credit scores.

If you are one of those people, check out the top three lending platforms offering best loans for 400 credit scores that may connect you to a lender faster and conveniently.

Top 3 Online Loans For Credit Under 400 Credit Score:

  1. Money Mutual – Overall Best Loan Provider For Personal loans With Fair Credit Score
  2. BadCreditLoans – Recommended Credit Union Platform For People With Bad Credit
  3. CashUSA – Popular Direct Lenders Offering Cash Loans With 400 Credit Score

#1. Money Mutual – Overall Best Loan Provider For Personal loans With Fair Credit Score


Brand overview

As a popular USA lending platform, Money Mutual has the most extensive credit type offer. Once you open its website, you can see that Money Mutual offers different types of credit based on your credit score, purpose, amount, etc.

More and more people face credit score difficulties, especially when unexpected expenses occur. In this case, you have no time to wait or an option to choose. To fix these issues, Money Mutual has prepared bad credit loans and personal loans that may help even people with credit scores as low as 400.

The platform will not charge you for using its services, form, or educational sources. It is free for you and all clients who need a fast and convenient way to get extra cash. The lender partners of Money Mutual understand the importance of emergencies, so they offer smaller loans to clients with low credit scores.

Money Mutual has security trademarks and uses high encryption technology over your shared information. This increases clients’ safety while filling out the form without making them question their information safety.

If you decide on Money Mutual as your lender network, you will not regret it because it has so many things to offer to help you, and is recommended by theislandnow.


Money Mutual is familiar with bad credit score issues since every third American seeking a loan has poor credit. Most lender partners of Money Mutual check the client’s credit before giving him a loan offer. However, Money Mutual has some lender partners who can approve loans of smaller value to clients with credit scores below 500.

Unfortunately, Money Mutual is just a lending platform that enables the connection between you and the potential lender/s. So, it can not say if your financial condition and credit score will be enough to get loan approval. Money Mutual can also not tell details about the fees and rates charged for the loan you may get.

The platform can only tell that the Annual Percentage Rate is limited, and its lender partners can not increase it over 35,99%. The maximum loan amount that the Money Mutual’s lenders can give is $5,000, but it is not available for clients with bad credit scores.

If your credit score ranges between 400 and 500, you can only apply for a few hundred USD. It is better to get something instead of nothing, so try to calculate your expenses and determine if a few hundred USD will get the job done.

Application requirements

Don’t be scared of the requirements. They must exist to prevent some things that may cause financial damage to the borrower or his relatives. For example, the first criterion sets the age border and allows only adults to apply for a loan. It is necessary to enter your ID number and your SSN, so you cannot proceed without them.

The second criterion is to be a USA resident or citizen. These lending services are not available for clients who are not USA citizens. This criterion is included because every country, especially those outside the USA, has different laws and regulations for their citizens that differ from the USA’s.

The following criterion requires having a checking account and making a steady monthly income. The income can be from a full-time job, self-employment, or other sources like pension, disability benefits, etc.

In the end, you must provide your phone number and email address, so the lender can reach you in case you qualify for a loan. These two communication methods are further used to enable communication with the chosen lender.

Some lender partners may ask for additional requirements before giving you a loan offer. Money Mutual can not uncover details about the additional requirements that may further appear.


  • Money Mutual has a vast lender network
  • Apply for a loan from $100 to $5,000
  • The APR can not exceed 35,99%
  • Even clients with 400 credit score might get approval
  • Safety-certified and reliable website
  • The repayment term ranges from 3 months to 6 years


  • Money Mutual does not guarantee loan approvals
  • Some lenders may charge high fees because of the low credit score
Important to know

It may seem easy and simple, but sometimes it might cause tension and impatience. Some lenders may need more time to create an offer, which may make you think you will not receive a loan.

However, there is no guarantee that you will be 100% qualified for a loan. Most lenders may consider other factors in their clients’ selection, so there is no written rule on who will get loan approval.

You may save a few dollars because the platform’s services are free, but the lenders will charge fees and high-interest rates, so it is not a big deal. Keep an eye on the loan’s fees and rates, and don’t accept the offer if it seems like there are too many red flags.

Money Mutual is not a lender. The fact that Money Mutual can not uncover more details about the loan and its fees is not its fault. Everything depends on the lender’s mood and will to give an offer. Every borrower receives a different offer because the rates and terms are usually based on the client’s characteristics.

Once you accept a loan offer, you must repay it at its fullest and in the predicted time.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of MoneyMutual

#2. BadCreditLoans – Recommended Credit Union Platform For People With Bad Credit


Brand overview

If your credit ranges between 400 and 500, BadCreditLoans is the most suitable place you can search for a loan. Your credit score might be the main factor the lender considers, so you do not have to worry if you opt for BadCreditLoans. This platform is specially designed for people whose credit score is damaged and disables them from getting a traditional bank loan.

BadCreditLoans offers fast cash access without registering, paying for the connection services, or filling out separate forms. Everything this platform offers to its clients is free of charge and accessible to everyone. You only need to open and complete the online application form and continue your daily activities until the lender responds.

Meanwhile, you do not need to be concerned about the information you have shared about your living address, working address, identity, or bank account. BadCreditLoans uses powerful encryption technology to protect the database so it won’t end elsewhere outside its network.

The platform is available 24/7, and you can use its form and call its customer support at any time of the day. You must know that the lenders have their working time and will respond as soon as they get to work and see your request.


Compared to the first platform, BadCreditLoans offers a little bit higher loan amounts. The minimum loan you can request can not be less than $100. The maximum loan amount is $10,000 and is available only for clients with excellent scores and credit history. So, if your credit is around 400, the $10,000 amount is impossible to get.

BadCreditLoans limits the APR the lenders charge on the loans. In the past few years, many lenders noticed that the interest for their services began to increase, and some of them increased their APRs and interest rates, causing difficulties for the clients who got those loans. So, the government noticed that more and more people got in trouble and debt, limiting the APR to 35,99%.

Even with a 400 credit score, you can not receive a loan with a higher than 35,99% APR. But this regulation does not limit the other fees and rates, meaning the loan you get may have a high-interest rate. Unfortunately, BadCreditLoans can not decrease the interest rate nor affect the lender’s decision about the set fees.

No one will force you to accept an offer with irresponsible fees. Finding a loan or other financial solution elsewhere is more reasonable than accepting a sky-high fee loan.

Application requirements

Like many similar lending platforms, BadCreditLoans is not setting strict rules about who can apply for a loan. The general requirements are set to prevent fraudsters and minors from applying for loans they can not handle and repay. So, the first criterion is meeting the adulthood age of 18 years.

BadCreditLoans’ services are available only for the USA territory and its citizens, so you should also have proof of citizenship or permanent residence in the USA. These two criteria are compliant with the federal and state laws and apply to every borrower who chooses BadCreditLoans.

The third criterion is having an active bank account in your name, so the lender can transfer the funds onto your account if you both agree with the loan contract. These lenders are working online, and you can not get money on hand.

The following criterion is making a steady monthly income to cover your living expenses, rent, bills, gas, groceries, and the loan’s monthly rates. The income source is not specified. You only have to prove that some kind of income flows into your checking account each month.

The last criterion is sharing your contact email and phone, so the lender can easily reach you.


  • Three-step application process
  • The fastest way to get extra funds
  • Variety of loans for different purposes
  • User-friendly and well-described website and functions
  • Secure application form and encrypted database
  • Extensive lender network and third-party financial partners


  • Not available for persons who are not USA citizens
  • The third-party financial partners may send you marketing emails
Important to know

BadCreditLoans has no relation with the lenders’ working principles. The platform does not know the lenders personally and can not guarantee loan approval. BadCreditLoans has no affection for the loan’s fees, APR, interest rate, repaying term, and rules.

Some lenders may give loans with unreasonable terms and penalties. You are not obligated to engage in an offer that may cause additional financial damage and get you into debt. You are the one who has the last word in accepting the loan offer.

Signing the loan contract is the final phase of the borrowing process, and you can not get it back. Putting your e-signature on the loan contract is your agreement to all the rates and terms included in the loan, and the time starts counting at the exact moment you put your signature.

The lender always sets penalties if you do not appreciate the due date. Every late payment may cost you over $40. Making early payoff is also punishable and mentioned in the loan contract. These fees and penalties are available in the contract before you sign it. So, be careful what you sign and ensure you have read every detail in the loan contract.

BadCreditLoans is not a lender and does not give credit-related services.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of BadCreditLoans

#3. CashUSA – Popular Direct Lenders Offering Cash Loans With 400 Credit Score


Brand overview

Our last website is more support-oriented. It may give you other financial support if you do not receive a loan from a lender. CashUSA is a platform you can deliver your trust to because it offers secure encryption over the shared client’s information.

CashUSA may support your decision and encourage you to apply for a loan using its online form and checking its various financial articles. You may think that you know how the process goes, but it is not as simple as it seems. There are a lot of terms and processes in the online borrowing process that happen behind.

For example, the time you wait between submitting your loan request and the lender’s response has a lot of processes like checking your information accuracy and authenticity, creating the loan, calculating the fees, checking your bank account, financial history, etc.

CashUSA works in three steps: completing the form, receiving the offer, and receiving the funds. CashUSA says that you will receive the desired money amount in your bank account in around 24 hours starting from the time you have signed the loan offer.

The customer support service and application form are available 24/7. You can apply for a loan and reach the support center any time of the day.


CashUSA allows you to apply for an unsecured loan even if your credit score is low as 400. The platform does not set strict requirements about who can apply for and get a loan. Getting a loan offer depends on the lender’s will and your creditworthiness. Having a poor credit score would not stop you from getting fast cash when emergencies appear.

This lending platform offers loans for short-term solutions, so the maximum loan you can apply for is $10,000. However, this amount is available only for people who have clean credit history and a credit score over 700.

So if you have a bad credit score close to 400, you can not ask for more than a few hundred dollars. Unfortunately, the lenders can not fully trust you because of your past irresponsible payments and financial management.

The lender partners connected to the CashUSA network offer limited APR ranging from 5,99% to 35,99%. An APR of 35,99% may seem too high, but it is not that scary since many other lenders outside this network may charge over 200%. This limitation protects borrowers from receiving loans with enormous APRs.

Application requirements

CashUSA has set a few general criteria for all borrowers who want to apply for a loan via this platform. The first criterion limits the borrower’s age. All borrowers must provide ID or Driver’s license details to complete the form. This automatically points out that only adults can use these services.

Also, the USA government should issue the identification document you should enter in the application form. CashUSA’s services are not available for foreigners who don’t have USA citizenship or permanent residence. You can not fill in the form with other SSN or identification documents issued by a country outside the USA.

Being employed for the last 90 days is another criterion CashUSA set for its clients. Unfortunately, unemployed clients can not use this website to get a loan. The income minimum is not specified, but the lender will set it further if you get prequalified. You should meet the lender’s minimum income requirement to be able to get approval on the requested loan amount.

Having a checking account, email address, and phone number are also part of the required prequalification criteria. The bank account is needed so the lender can transfer the funds you ask for, while email and phone are required for better lender communication.


  • Fast and convenient loan disbursement
  • Review the offer before accepting
  • Personal loans from $500 to $10,000
  • You may get qualified even with a poor credit score of 400
  • The repayment time is flexible and can vary from 3 to 72 months
  • CashUSA does not charge its clients for using its services


  • Meeting the prequalification criteria does not 100% qualify you for a loan
  • The interest rate is high for poor/bad credit borrowers
Important to know

CashUSA is not a borrower itself. The Cash USA lending platform generally has no direct impact on the loan, its rates, terms, conditions, and penalties. The platform only mediates between you and its lender partners connected on its network.

The information you share by filling out the form is further shared with the lenders and third parties that may help in case you don’t receive any loan offer. The third-party partners may offer other credit repair solutions or debt consolidation.

You cannot sneak with fake information. The lenders have access to many institutions that may verify your shared information. Entering fake or inexisting details will take your time and not give you any loan offer.

The platform is available 24/7, but the lenders have working time. You can fill out the request, but the lenders will respond during working hours. The response may take a whole day if you apply in the afternoon or more days if you apply for a loan when there is an upcoming weekend or a national holiday.

The loan contract and its terms begin to be valid when you put in your e-signature. The e-signature is your agreement to the loan contract and all its terms and conditions that the lender has set.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of CashUSA

How We Made Our Choice While Listing The Best Online Loans for 400 Credit Score ?

  • Easy to apply

Everyone knows how hard it may be to collect documents, wait at the counter, and listen to employees discuss understandable terms and conditions. The bank may explain the borrowing process, but it still seems hard to understand. We are aware of it, and our first criterion was finding a service that can be more transparent and simple for the clients.

Our chosen platforms are well-described, in a language understandable for many clients. The application process is simplified and shortened, so you no longer have to wait at the counter and fill out different requests and reports. The application is all online and easy to follow. You would not need the messy paperwork and dozens of documents to apply.

  • No hidden fees for using the lending platforms

These platforms do not require registering or entering a payment method. They are free for everyone interested in borrowing fast cash online. You can easily open the application form, fill it out, submit, or quit it if you change your mind. No matter what you use on the lending platform, you will not be charged for it.

There are no hidden or other fees set by the lending platform because it does not profit from the customers but from its lender members. Everything you see on the website of these three platforms is free of cost and available for everyone. Reach the support team, use the form, read the articles, and check everything the platform offers entirely free.

  • Possibility to choose and compare

This is a possibility that may happen to some clients. Not everyone has the chance to compare offers and rates given by multiple lenders. But, it is still possible, and you should not miss the chance. In some cases, the lending platform may enable a connection with more than one lender.

So, you may receive multiple different loan offers at the same time. This allows you to preview, compare, and choose the one that matches your needs most. Check the interest rates, fees, and terms that the lenders have set, and choose the loan with the lowest rates.

  • No obligation to sign the loan contract

Having a bad or poor credit score carries some disadvantages. It is usually reflected in the interest rate, which can be pretty high, and in the penalties for being late or early on the monthly payments. The lenders can not fully trust you because credit of 400 is simply a too low score.

So, you may receive a loan offer with high fees and interest rates. In these cases, you should think soberly, calculate your expenses, and then compare them with the offer. Our chosen brands are on your side and allow you to have time to think about the offer. The platforms also recommend not accepting any loan offer that carries sky-high fees that may only cause damage to your finances.

  • High-security technologies

The online world can be a dangerous place for information transmission. Many hackers and fraudsters can easily break low-security websites and misuse their information. Our chosen lending platforms understand the risk of being hacked because of their financial services, and they chose to set a high-security encryption technology on their databases.

You can feel free and protected while sharing your personal information in the online loan request form. The lending platform will keep your information safe and unreachable to hackers in case of a possible hacker attack.

  • Positive client reviews

Ultimately, we wanted to ensure that all these features and claims our chosen brands offer are true, so we checked the reviews and testimonials that the clients have written. We were amazed by the reputation and the feedback the clients have left on the websites and other forum sites.

We did not expect this good reputation and positive words. Every client had a different story that led to satisfaction and gratitude. Many reviews discussed the fast response, the lender’s professionalism, and the flexible terms.

Factors to Consider When Searching For Personal Loans With 400 Credit Score

  • Budget

Before getting into borrowing, calculate your finances. Ensure your current budget can handle the everyday expenses and monthly loan rates. It is not that simple to separate a free hundred dollars of your income for repaying a loan for multiple months, so ensure your finances are strong enough to carry the rates.

The point of these loans is to help you cover emergencies that require higher money amounts than your current savings. The borrowing process should simplify your life, not cause damage to it. So, ensure your finances are strong, and you can handle the monthly loan rates with all the fees the lender has set.

  • Other money sources

Don’t rush and check for other financial sources. You should understand that you might get a loan even if your credit score is as low as 400, but the loan will carry higher interest rates and fees than average. The APR charged on the bad credit loan offer will also be closer to its maximum of 35,99%, plus the other charges that the lender may set.

So, if you can cover part of your expenses with your savings or a friend’s help, do it and borrow less. It may be a good idea because you will owe less to the lender. Lower loan amounts carry lower fees. So, the APR’s percentage might be the same, but it will be quite lower on a lower amount.

  • Loan’s interest rates and fees

When deciding on online borrowing, you should consider the loan’s rates and fees first. The lenders will allow you to review the offer, so take your time and read everything in the loan contract. Ensure you have read the part with the rates, fees, and penalties completely because if you put your agreement on it, you can not get back but pay everything you agreed with.

Bad credit loans often carry higher fees. So, you should be prepared that the loan amount you should pay back can be higher than the borrowed one. You can even ask the lender to explain some loan fees and conditions if they seem unclear in the contract.

  • The total amount you should pay back

This factor is closely related to the previous one. The loan amount you borrow does not equal the one you should pay back. Lenders usually charge many fees and rates for the payday loans they provide, so expect the total amount to be a few hundred USD higher than the borrowed one.

The lenders charge for giving you a favor and lending you money, besides the low credit score you have. Having a credit score of 400 will not allow you to borrow money from a bank or other money providers, so you should expect higher rates from private lenders.

  • The repayment time

The repayment time is usually short and can be between 3 months and 6 years. The 6 years term is usually set for high loan amounts, available for clients with higher credit scores. So, if your credit score is 400, you should expect that the lenders can give you a few hundred USD as a loan that can be repaid in a few months.

Lower loan amounts are repaid in a shorter period, so check the total amount you should repay. Ensure your budget and monthly income can handle it. Otherwise, don’t accept it. You may get into debt and have an even worse financial crisis.

  • Credit repair services

You can always rebuild your credit and qualify for better loan opportunities. It is simple and requires doing the opposite things you did when you damaged your credit. Try to pay your bills on time. Clean up your credit cards and restrict your luxury expenses. Avoid making huge purchases with your existing credit cards, and the bank will see that you are trying to improve your credit.

Your credit will rise as you keep making responsible payments and fewer luxury spending. If you are unsure how to do it independently, you can find some companies that offer credit repair services.

FAQs On Loans for 400 Credit Score

Q1. Can I get a loan with a credit score of 400?

It is possible, but no one can give you a 100% guarantee. The decision is always based on the lender’s will, so we can not surely say if you are qualified to get a loan or not. But, it is still possible because many people got approval even with a credit of 400. Some lenders are not doing credit checks, which may be good news for you. Subprime lenders are likely to approve auto loans for borrowers with a 400 credit score. The biggest benefits of secured cards are that they help add positive data to your credit report when you make your payments on time

Making no credit check means the lenders are considering other qualification factors instead of your credit score. They may consider your monthly income as the main detrimental criterion for giving you loan approval.

Q2. How long does it take to apply and get a loan offer for a credit score of 400?

Your credit score will not affect the speed of getting loan approval. The time is always different because every lender has its working principles. The application time takes a few minutes. It will go faster if you have the required documents next to you when you fill out the form. The documents you should have are your ID and bank account number.

Everything, after you submit the form, depends on the lenders. They may take a few hours to review your application and check the information’s accuracy. Some lenders may have too many applications, so they might need more time to respond.

Q3. What type of loan can I get with a credit score of 400?

With a credit score of 400, you can apply for a personal loan, bad credit loan, auto loan, home loan, etc. There are many loan categories you can apply for with a poor credit score. Some lenders are not considering the credit score when giving loan approvals. They are not doing credit checks, so you can apply for a no credit check loan.

Every loan of a lower amount might be suitable for your credit score of 400. You can try to apply for multiple loan types.

Q4. What are the positive and negative sides of getting a loan from a private lender?

We can start with the positive things about choosing a private lender. Initially, the application process is much faster and more convenient. You don’t have to visit the lender’s store and handwrite separate applications physically. Secondly, the borrowing services are available all online, so you can apply from your computer or smartphone wherever you are. Then, online borrowing requires filling out one form, which is later sent to multiple lenders. A payday lender won’t necessarily perform a credit check with the major credit bureaus when you apply for a loan.

The bad side is related to the loan’s fees and rates. You should expect high fees and interest rates because of your low credit score. However, some emergency events must be covered immediately, so choosing a private lender might be your only way out. As a second disadvantage, we can mention that these services are available only for USA citizens. Unfortunately, foreigners can not borrow via these three lending platforms. We have not met other bad sides because everything else seems too good.

Q5. Can I rebuild my credit score of 400?

Absolutely. Everything can be good as it was in the beginning. Try to be a more responsible grown person who cares about the future. Restrict your spending, save more than you spend, and try to clean up your opened crest cards. You can set an autopay feature so the bank will make the payments instead of you. This will save you from being late on paying bills and rates.

You can also find a lot of credit repair services online. Do short research and find a company that may help you repair your credit score. Every decision you make can be an excellent start to build a better credit score and financial condition.

Conclusion: How To Improve Credit Score from Top Online Lenders?

Even if you were rejected from a bank more than ten times, our lender platforms may help you and connect you to a lender that might give you a secured loan, regardless of your credit score of 400.

Make responsible financial moves and get a loan that can help you in an emergency. You have a free will to accept or reject a loan offer if its terms and fees seem unreasonable.

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