Thyroid Renew by Bright Naturals Reviewed – Will It Work For You?

Are you tired during the day, even after a night’s sleep? Are you picking up weight even though your diet hasn’t changed? You could be dealing with hypothyroidism. This condition describes thyroid gland dysfunction, which diminishes hormone output of T3, T4, and FAH (follicle-stimulating hormone).

These hormones are responsible for regulating your metabolism, and when you have low thyroid output, fewer hormones are available in the body for metabolic functions. The result is a significant decrease in your well-being, lowering your energy levels.

People with hypothyroidism find it hard to get to sleep at night, and they experience cognitive problems like brain fog that make it hard to think and create feelings of confusion. People with this problem usually consult their doctor to discover what’s wrong with them.

Their doctor will run a blood panel on their Thyroid and hormone function to diagnose the situation. If you get a hypothyroidism diagnosis, it’s going to change your life. Approximately 5% of Americans aged 12 years and older suffer from hypothyroidism, leaving them reliant on medications to control the problem and improve their quality of life.

Introducing Thyroid Renew – A Drug-Free Way to Boost Thyroid Function

If you’re dealing with thyroid problems, you must take action to resolve the issue. Thyroid Renew offers a clinically proven supplement to optimize thyroid health without resorting to hormone replacement therapy.

The issue with hormone replacement for your Thyroid is that it causes the gland to atrophy, stopping its production of T3, T4, and FSH. Essentially, you’re shutting down its natural production of hormones and relying on medications to do it for you.

Why take this risk when you can resolve your thyroid issues naturally?

Kinsey Jackson, MS, CNS, is the developer of Thyroid Renew. She based her formulation on her work with thousands of patients enduring hypothyroidism during her 17-year career. One of the world’s top experts on thyroid function, she created Thyroid Renew to assist her patients.

Kinsey worked alongside scientists and supplement experts to formulate Thyroid Renew. After years of development, it is now available to help you recover thyroid function and enhance your overall quality of life.

What are the Thyroid-Enhancing Ingredients in Thyroid Renewal?

Kinsey Jackson and PaleoHacks partnered with supplement manufacturer Bright Naturals to bring you the Thyroid Renew formula. Every batch of this supplement comes from an FDA-approved manufacturing facility, using third-party tested ingredients to ensure safety, compliance, and purity. Here’s what you’ll find in the Thyroid Renew formula.


Zinc 11mg

It is an essential mineral for many bodily functions, including boosting thyroid function, strengthening metabolism, and improving immunity. Zinc plays a critical role in the conversion of T4 to T3.

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Selenium 55mcg

This ingredient improves immunity and eliminates systemic inflammation in the thyroid gland to optimize its function and hormone production. Selenium strengthens metabolic rate, elevating the rate at which your body completes the physiological process. As metabolism rises, you’ll start to lose excess body fat.

Guggul 100mg

This ayurvedic compound, guggul, enhances iodine for thyroid function and boosts thyroid enzyme production. You get an increase in T4, T3, and TSH production.

Copper 0.9mg

This element assists with the optimal regulation of thyroid hormone at the cellular level. Copper aids in the process of converting thyroid hormones into metabolic energy.

Vitamin A 900mcg RAE

A critical micronutrient, vitamin A is responsible for optimizing thyroid function. It enhances the conversion of thyroid hormones into metabolic energy that enters your cells.

L-Tyrosine 300mg

An essential amino acid that plays a role in improving the production of ATP, the fuel that drives mitochondrial function. It increases metabolic activity, improving blood flow to the brain to stop brain fog. You’ll experience better cognition and clear thinking during the day.

Ashwagandha 600mg

It is an Ayurvedic herb, and scientific studies prove it reduces stress by lowering cortisol. This adaptogenic effect boosts T3 levels in your bloodstream by up to 41.5%, T4 by up to 19.6%, and TSH by 17.5%.

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How Does Thyroid Renew Work & What are the Expected Results?

Bright Naturals recommends customers take a dose of two Thyroid Renew capsules daily with a meal. You can’t expect overnight results with Thyroid Renew; it’s not a pharmaceutical medication and doesn’t directly impact the hormonal system and thyroid production. Instead, it gives your body the micronutrients it needs to elevate thyroid function naturally without impacting the hormonal system directly.

Most users state they feel a slight difference in their well-being after two weeks of use. This effect steadily builds over the coming weeks until you reach saturation after two to three months of consistent use.

After three months, the glands’ function will peak, and your T4, T3, and FSH levels will return within the normal range. You won’t need medication to maintain your thyroid function and well-being. You’ll feel energized.

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Thyroid Renew Verified Customer Reviews

According to Thyroid Renew, the formula was “Developed by a Certified Nutrition Specialist, it’s been proven to help women support healthy thyroid function, reduce inflammation and stress, and recover from low energy.” Here are a few verified customer reviews:

Iris Verified Buyer, Puerto Rico

Thyroid Renew Lowered The Numbers. “My thyroid TSH was high (5.7)…Thyroid Renew lowered the numbers…I think it is helping me, I will be ordering again.”

Linda Verified Buyer, Los Angeles, CA

I Was Able To Lose 10 Pounds. “I have thyroid issues and it is very hard to lose weight even with the medication I take for it…It has helped a lot and I was able to lose 10 pounds.”

Roberta Verified Buyer, Florida

I Am Happy With The Results. “I purchased this product to support my thyroid function…I am happy with the results of taking Thyroid Renew and will likely continue.”

Vickie W Verified Buyer, Virginia Beach, VA

I Have More Energy. “I needed help with my thyroid so I purchased Thyroid Renew…I only take one thyroid pill a day now and I have more energy.”

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Thyroid Renew is currently on promotion on the PaleoHacks site for a limited time. Kinsey Jackson and Bright Naturals want to help you resolve your thyroid issues without spending thousands of dollars on medical treatments. Consumers will find pricing options for one-time purchases or they can choose to subscribe and save for significant savings:


One-Time Purchase Pricing:

  • One bottle of Thyroid Renew $49 per bottle, plus $9.95 shipping.
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Subscribe and Save Pricing:

  • One bottle of Thyroid Renew $41.65 / each 30 Day Renewal Plus $4.95 Shipping
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  • Six Bottles of Thyroid Renew $26.26 / each 180 Day Renewal plus free shipping

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Thyroid Renew Review – FAQs

Q: What Are People Saying About Their Results With Thyroid Renew?

A: Visit the official PaleoHacks site and read through the dozens of positive testimonials from verified buyers discussing their positive results with Thyroid Renew. Kinsey Jackson has already helped 37,520 men and women overcome their thyroid issues, helping them improve their quality of life. Order your bundle deal today and be the next success story.

Q: Why Should I Buy Thyroid Renew When I Can Order the Ingredients Separately From a Health Store?

A: Sure, you could take that approach, but you’ll spend almost $150 to get all the ingredients in the formula. Why spend more money when you can get Thyroid Renew for a fraction of the price?

Q: Does Thyroid Renew Come With Guaranteed Results?

A: Yes. You get a 60-day money-back guarantee on your purchase of Thyroid Renew. If you don’t get results, return your bottles for a full refund. You get a two-month risk-free trial of this potent thyroid enhancement formula to see if it works for you. For more information, contact customer service via:

  • Email: support@getbrightnaturals.com
  • Returns Mailing Address: 6000 Pardee, Taylor, MI 48180

Q: Can I Use Thyroid Renew With Prescribed Thyroid Medication?

A: It is essential to consult your doctor before using Thyroid Renew. Your doctor may want to conduct a hormone panel before you begin taking the supplement and monitor you closely during your use. The ingredients in Thyroid Renew significantly improve thyroid function, requiring medication adjustment by your doctor as your thyroid health improves.

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