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The problem with Kaepernick as Citizen of the Year | Sarah Smiley

My biggest problem with Colin Kaepernick being named Citizen of the Year by GQ magazine is not that he was an NFL player who began… Continue reading


Nothing could seem more unreasonable ever | Sarah Smiley

After years of Dustin groaning about my stash of knitting supplies and yarn (and my habit of buying new shoes once a year), I had… Continue reading


Hey, kids, these things never happened | Sarah Smiley

As my family has grown-up in recent years, and especially as my oldest sons have become teenagers, I’ve wondered how the kids’ childhoods will be… Continue reading


Month’s headlines show difficulty of parenthood today | Sarah Smiley

It’s hard to be a parent, especially in today’s world. That’s a common sentiment, and I don’t disagree. There certainly are new trials (social media,… Continue reading

The News Ticker marks when everything changed | Sarah Smiley

I remember the exact moment that I knew absolutely everything, beyond the obvious, had changed after September 11, 2001. I was alone with a new… Continue reading

The News Ticker marks when everything changed | Sarah Smiley

I remember the exact moment that I knew absolutely everything, beyond the obvious, had changed after September 11, 2001. I was alone with a new… Continue reading

Sparky’s Human: How a dog conditioned my son | Navy Wise

Before I tell you how our dog Sparky trained my son, Ford, I need to tell you that Sparky has a doorbell he rings when… Continue reading

A shell game of achievement

Washington Nationals right-fielder Bryce Harper told a group of Little Leaguers in Washington, D.C., that participation trophies are not OK. “No participation trophies,” he said… Continue reading

Veterans — the one constant after Election Day

My deadline for this column is Tuesday. Ordinarily, that is of little significance, unless, of course, you are my family and you do something particularly… Continue reading

Why I can’t tell my son the truth about Sandy Hook

My youngest son, Lindell, doesn’t know what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary school on Dec. 14, 2012. He had just started kindergarten and was nearly the age of the victims, so I shielded him from the news. Call it maternal editing. Call it over-protection. But even I couldn’t wrap my head around what had happened, how would he?

New way for family to bond

Lately, the family and I have been doing something really old-fashioned at night. Because the sun is setting earlier, we get in our pajamas right after dinner. I light some scented candles, and sometimes I bake cookies or pop popcorn. And then — here comes the old-fashioned part — watch television together.

The world if schools were designed for introverts

If you are an introvert and you went to school, you know that our education system is not designed around you. Indeed, much of the world is not designed for you.

Wood misses hidden cost of military life

A January Huffington Post article by David Wood has risen from the dead, and it’s making many military families mad — again.

Sarah Smiley: GOP debates, crossroads in parenthood

As we sat down to watch the first GOP debates between candidates vying to be the Republican presidential nominee, my 8-year-old son, Lindell, asked, "So, who are the bad people?"

Parenting: It doesn’t get easier

Here's weekly advice from Navy mom Sarah Smiley who writes about balancing her life with her kids and her husband's

There are two sides to every broken bone story

Before I begin, I’ll answer the question you will surely ask at the end: No, there is no video (that I’m aware of) of the moment my feet went out from under me and I landed on my backside, breaking my wrist. My children, however, would be happy to describe for you in great detail the whole thing, including how I said, “I’m really good at this” seconds before I fell.

Halloween: It’s for the (older) kids

You see, I thought that Halloween was about little kids

Sarah Smiley: That time I ordered the wrong pizza

I’ve been truly afraid a few times in my life: when I bungee jumped from a perfectly good platform 110 feet up in the air; When we lived in Florida and I put out mouse traps but caught a coral snake instead; When I got on an airplane for the first time in more than a decade; When I moved across country while eight months pregnant; And last week, when I ordered pizza from the wrong restaurant to feed my hungry teenagers.

Sarah Smiley: Maternity leave is not a vacation

If you haven’t heard the term “me-ternity,” you likely got through last week without feeling discouraged about today’s entitlement culture.

Sarah Smiley: Risky carrier landings and the hidden stories of veterans

Lindell joined the Navy in 1971. No, not my son Lindell, but my dad, also named Lindell, which makes writing that first sentence really weird.