Marylin Olds

Another look at the Electoral College | As It Turns Out

Several people I’ve talked with recently mentioned they didn’t entirely understand our Electoral College. It seems a good time to take a look-see.

Being grateful can be a year-round feeling | As It Turns Out

November doesn’t have to be the only time we give thanks, but gratitude can certainly help ease the gloominess of shorter days heading into the winter months.

Looking at the Medicare debate | As It Turns Out

Medicare is a key issue of the Democratic/Republican warfare going into this November’s election.

Championing the need for Social Security | As It Turns Out

A study recently hit the headlines finding that nearly half of Americans die in poverty. This study, instead of concentrating on entering retirement, actually looked at retirement right up to its finale.

Take time to look into the Affordable Care Act | As It Turns Out

The recession has had an impact on each of our lives with inflation of necessities like food, energy, and health care and insurance.

Before seeking more, know what you have | As It Turns Out

Mike and I recently attended our grandson’s graduation ceremony at Memorial Stadium. Seniors had enough family and friends to fill up its appointed half of the stadium; quite impressive.

Rest in peace, king of the ‘Wild Things’ | As It Turns Out

Sadly, the world lost a terribly delightful and talented curmudgeon when Maurice Sendak passed away recently at 83.

Amazon, Apple and antitrust | As It Turns Out

Anyone with a connection to the Internet has probably purchased a book from Amazon. Seattle’s own darling and Fortune 500 corporation is the world’s biggest Internet retailer, bringing in $48 billion last year.

Here’s why you’re paying more at the pump | As It Turns Out

Gas prices have hit the $4 mark in North Kitsap. It brings frustration for most of us. If we’re spending more at the pumps, we have to cut back in other areas.

It’s time to reset our priorities | As It Turns Out

Years ago, in another life, many of us were young demonstrators — exerting our enthusiastic efforts for civil rights and against the Vietnam War. That was life in the 1960s.

Where to draw the corporate line | As It Turns Out

We’re at a time of unrest in history. Many people are beginning to see firsthand how big corporations are accumulating far too much power.

Rethinking resolutions and civic responsibility | As It Turns Out

New Year’s resolutions have been around since Babylonian times, when they were used mainly for settling old debts. Today, they’re usually fresh starts calculated to avoid mistakes made or those narrowly missed during the prior year.

Consider both sides this Thanksgiving | As It Turns Out

Feeling challenged to share? You’re not alone. Most all of us have seen far better cash-flow days. Forty-six million Americans live in poverty, 45 million are on food stamps, and 25 million are unemployed or under-employed.

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Sticker shock: High prices driving hunger, here and abroad | As It Turns Out | March

Why are food prices increasing? They're soaring not just here in our own neighborhood, but all over the world. According to relief organization Oxfam America, "the causes are multiple and there is considerable debate about the relative importance of different factors, but key drivers are:

Care, understanding can prevent violence | As It Turns Out | February

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