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Our state’s psychiatric treatment predicament | As It Turns Out

Last month shined an unforgiving light on Washington’s mental health treatment practices. In case you missed it, here is the backstory.

Washington’s Initiative 502 was passed in 2012

What does legalized marijuana mean for you? | As It Turns Out

Remember back in November 2012, when 55 percent of Washington voters said yes to Initiative 502? If you’re in the dark about what this entails, it’s time to catch up on what’s happening.

Washington’s Initiative 502 was passed in 2012

Brushing up on Washington’s European past | As It Turns Out

The reason behind our festivities is, of course, related to America winning the Revolution against Britain.

Climate change and its effect on water | As It Turns Out

Whether one agrees with the validity of climate change or not, many believe it’s a more crucial threat to our water supply than even a rapidly growing population

Mid-market department stores vanishing with middle class | As It Turns Out

Since mid-market department store sales reached their retail peaks in January of 2001, they have been steadily heading downhill. Unfortunately the middle-class has been heading downhill as well.

Why states are heading away from death penalty | As It Turns Out

Since February’s announcement by Gov. Jay Inslee of his moratorium on capital punishment, there has been refreshed interest in the pros-and-cons conversation.

Love song for my sweet Murry Girl | As It Turns Out

I’m losing my best friend, my Murry Girl. Today is her last day.

What’s behind a fair minimum wage? | As It Turns Out

Mayor Murray has promised municipal workers a $15 per hour minimum wage in four month’s time, affecting 600 workers.

What Pope Francis says about the idolatry of money | As It Turns Out

Pope Francis’s first papal exhortation was released by the Vatican. In it, he writes of how he sees the church’s role in society.

Poverty and volunteering in North Kitsap | As It Turns Out

Here we are, years since the end of the Great Recession, and poverty and unemployment remain high

Syria conflict remains murky

Imagine a country about the size of Washington state with three times the population

Simplifying Obamacare | As It Turns Out

Whether we like it or not, Obamacare is happening. So maybe it’s time to settle down to the idea of change (grumble) and figure out what this actually means and where to find details. Obamacare (aka, Affordable Care Act or ACA) is a federal law requiring states to provide a marketplace where private health insurance is offered.

As food stamp need rises, feds weaken program | As It Turns Out

For 40 years, farm bills have been packaged together legislatively with nutritional programs. At first glance a seemingly unlikely pair, the two were joined to form a stronger, more successful political coalition between rural and urban legislators.

It’s time for a debate on NSA surveillance | As It Turns Out

A surprise came this June that the government is using the Patriot Act to require phone companies to turn over their data on Americans.

Time is of the essence at Hanford site | As It Turns Out

The Hanford Nuclear Reservation, along the Columbia River in Benton County, was built in our own back yard in 1943 to produce plutonium as part of the top-secret Manhattan Project.

Should ethics be optional in today’s capitalism? | As It Turns Out

As it turns out, most Americans believe in capitalism even though it’s been impossible for us to agree how it should actually work. Greed has become rampant and regulation has become politicized.

Another look at capitalism and megabanks | As It Turns Out

As it turns out, most Americans believe in capitalism even though we can’t agree on how it should work. Regulation is much debated and misunderstood. After our recession, financial crisis and bailouts, unregulated free-market capitalism was supposed to be our big solution. After supposedly learning from our colossal mistakes, our problems remain — more wealth is still accumulating at the top and more losses at the bottom.

Austerity measures are not working | As It Turns Out

Austerity economics, simply put, is a governmental policy of spending cuts and, to a lesser degree, tax increases.

Life, liberty and guns: How can we reduce violence? | As It Turns Out

One of the hottest topics today is gun violence and how to eliminate it.

A ceremony was held for the retiring of the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise Dec. 1. The carrier served for 51 years.

Goodbye — and hello — to the USS Enterprise | As It Turns Out

Much attention has been given the USS Enterprise (CVN 65) recently regarding its retirement from active service after a 51-year career, and for good reason.

A ceremony was held for the retiring of the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise Dec. 1. The carrier served for 51 years.