Marylin Olds

Marylin Olds

Modernizing nuclear weapons endangers the whole planet | As It Turns Out

America quietly observes the madness of North Korea’s Kim Jong-un and President Trump as they do their nuclear saber-rattling dance. We nervously hope we won’t… Continue reading

Marylin Olds

It’s time to let America be America again | As it Turns Out

Don’t you wonder what changed our government from the democracy intended by our Founding Fathers, to the anti-government it has become today? The majority of… Continue reading

Cry, our beloved representative government | As It Turns Out

An e-mail this morning brought updated news of dozens of factions, all crying out for their embattled causes. These champions are now witnessing their causes… Continue reading

The difficult challenge facing the U.S. Congress | As it Turns Out

President Trump’s firing of FBI director James Comey was quite the showstopper a couple weeks back. It had everyone’s attention. Comey had been investigating possible… Continue reading

Are Trump’s policies making America great again? | As It Turns Out

Here we are, life in the fast lane with President Trump at the wheel. It hasn’t been boring. It hasn’t been reassuring, either, as he… Continue reading

Trumpcare, a badly needed tax break for the wealthy | As It Turns Out

Shame on every Republican leader who has no difficulty in backing the intentionally coldhearted Trumpcare plan. As you remember, Trump ran on the promise of… Continue reading

George Orwell’s1984 dystopia influence on Trump | As It Turns Out

Perhaps we’re just dreaming and what we think is real is just one more chapter from George Orwell’s “1984.” Kellyanne Conway’s “alternative facts,” however easy… Continue reading

The new war against the poor | As It Turns Out

Most of us were looking forward to 2017 with hope that it would be a far better year than 2016. Not happening yet. Now is… Continue reading

The “reason for the season” depends on who you are | As It Turns Out

How do you celebrate Christmas? Pew Research provided some noteworthy U.S. statistics regarding the holiday (Holy Day). Christmas today is celebrated by 96 percent of… Continue reading

You’re either with women, or you’re against them | As It Turns Out

Are you with Hillary, or against her?

A review of Hillary Clinton’s campaign promises | As It Turns Out

Here’s a quick and easy look at some of the most notable issues championed by Hillary Clinton for action during her presidency.

Ginsburg, Trump and the GOP platform | As It Turns Out

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg publicly expressed doubt of Donald Trump’s presidential abilities.

Trump: the Republican Party’s creation | As It Turns Out

Here’s one more column regarding the focus of the Republican presidential primary: reality TV star Donald Trump.

What the heck is a ‘superdelegate’? | As It Turns Out

The long, drawn-out process of choosing presidential nominees can also leave us feeling pretty perplexed. For five months, these candidates go back and forth across the nation in order to collect votes and delegates from each state.

How do we stop Americans from killing Americans? | As It Turns Out

What can be done to help get America out of its terrible trend of gun violence? There’s an estimated 270 Americans shot per day. “The United States sees an average of 92 gun deaths per day — and more preschoolers are shot dead each year than police officers are killed in the line of duty,” writes the New York Times’ Nicholas Kristof.

Pope Francis and climate change deniers

Pope Francis released his encyclical on the environment (“Laudato Si”) in June, and captured the world’s attention. The document is available online.

Baby boomers: A 60-something looks back

Next month, I’ll be turning an age that has Medicare-related insurance propaganda piling up on my desk in an attempt to woo me in their door. And the upcoming big “6-5” has got me thinking about the enlightened old days.

This season, give the gift of e-cycling | As It Turns Out

The season of consumer frenzy finds many of us dreaming of buying or receiving new electronic gadgets. We are fascinated by new gadgets that are shinier, thinner, lighter and just plain more fun than older models.

Preparing for our care at the end of life | As It Turns Out

Death is something we generally don’t like thinking or talking about, whether it’s our own or a loved one’s.

Gun initiatives engaged in background check battle | As It Turns Out

Let’s be perfectly honest. The Great Divide between the two gun initiatives — I-594 and I-591 — will never see a bridge built. Both factions are obstinate and emotional. Extreme politics are becoming more visible as we get closer to Nov. 4.