Leona Vaughn

Treatment could replace prison time for drug offenders under proposed law

Proposals moving through the Legislature would expand the eligibility of incarcerated people to receive treatment for substance abuse in lieu of or concurrently with prison… Continue reading


Senate moves to kill death penalty

Capital crime punishment would be life in prison


Lawmakers move to ban high-capacity magazines

Opponents say it would infringe on their gun rights


Proposed law adds fee to plastic bags at check out

The Senate passed a bill to ban single-use plastic bags and place fee on reusable plastic bags.

Governor talks up state’s positives, notes areas to improve

Homelessness and climate among key concerns

Washington Legislature opens for 2020 session

The 2020 Washington State Legislative session began at noon Monday, Jan. 13, with an opening ceremony in which Rep. Laurie Jinkins, D-Tacoma, was sworn in… Continue reading