Stars Above Kitsap

Awakening the path between head and heart

The winds of change howl when eclipses are waking us up. However, the time from one eclipse to the next one, 14 days later, is… Continue reading


Suzanne O’Clair

Cosmic invitations to upgrade our humanity

Star patterns change like a circle in a spiral and a wheel within a wheel. Each day brings a sunrise and sunset and spring follows… Continue reading


Suzanne O’Clair

Jump start that project — and build momentum

All astrological signs offer something to everyone. Why? Because everyone has every sign somewhere in their chart. It’s a circle of life and no one… Continue reading

Suzanne O’Clair

A Social Grasshopper, a Rowdy Teen and a Healing Breeze | Stars Above

In the summertime, the birds sing and everything…and just like that, summer’s here! The Solstice sun stands at the peak of its journey to the… Continue reading

Dramatic illusions or basic reality? | Stars Above Kitsap

Planets and signs behave and misbehave - just like we do. The current cosmic snapshot shows two months of see-sawing between ‘whatever’ and in your… Continue reading

Democracy and the Age of Aquarius | Stars Above Kitsap

Words describing Aquarian energy resonate with the ideas of democracy: inclusiveness, brotherhood, pursuit of life, liberty and freedom for all. Our Declaration of Independence expresses… Continue reading