Dramatic illusions or basic reality? | Stars Above Kitsap

Planets and signs behave and misbehave – just like we do. The current cosmic snapshot shows two months of see-sawing between ‘whatever’ and in your face pushiness. We could go tiptoe-ing through the tulips only to find ourselves in a minefield. Write these mottos on your mirror: “error on the side of caution” and “this too shall pass” and leave there until early May!

A preponderance of planets in Pisces, water, and Aries, fire, make strange bedfellows stirring up deep feelings and an urge to act before clarity is gained. They cover forty-eight degrees in the 360-degree chart making us hyper-fixated on a narrow band of our lives – that differ from others around us.

The full moon in earthy, but picky Virgo (March 12, at 7:53 pm PST) attempts to balance the overflow of spacey Pisces. Dramatic illusions collide with basic reality forcing choices between logic or intuition. What to do, what to do? Your to-do-list, or what ‘feels’ right?

But, then we must talk about feelings. Venus, a peace-loving goddess is in Aries, never an easy energy for her, so she retreats back to Pisces. Venus retrograde helps us fall in love with aspects of ourselves that we’ve ignored over the last eighteen months. Sounds good, right? But with Venus in Aries, we can be quite pushy about our charms.

Meanwhile, the wild card, Mars, stands in the placid pastures of Taurus all by himself. To connect up with others, he could take off and run like the bulls in Pamplona. Between Venus and Mars, we may find ourselves in a tug-of-war about possessions – including our hearts.

Pisces’ universality is put to the test as our cosmic lesson unfolds. Will we be tempted to play victim, bully, or hermit? None of these work for the moment because the lesson being enforced is how to be ourselves AND live together harmoniously. Crazy as it may sound in this age of soundbites and snark, kindness and courtesy smooths many dilemmas and the chart holds those possibilities if we chose.

Horoscope March 12 – March 27

Pisces, with an entourage of planets and asteroids, and a healthy sense of self-value, you may be moving ahead. Surprise! Your mate and best friends are sticklers for practical strategies. These are people you love, so they may have a point. Some friends may not be keeping up with who you’ve become.

Aries, your energy is lighting up and won’t stop for weeks to come. Work demands details are attended to. Are your colleagues ragging on you? Be sure you and the boss are on the same page. Things are not crystal clear. Take some mindless down-time in nature.

Taurus, there is nothing as fun for you as counting in your counting house. Long-term dreams, creative approaches, and flashes of intuition set your feet on a more aggressive path. Things aren’t as solidly clear as you like but your instincts for money are good. Carry on with focus.

Gemini, stay home and deal with daily life. You aren’t used to feeling fuzzy headed, or wired and tired. Life direction is unclear. Friends have insights and your unique genius is talking to you. It’s the details that need tending to. Dynamic dreams disturb sleep, but pay attention and make notes.

Cancer, a ton of elusive information heads your way with emphasis on new approaches to body, health and daily routines, constant errands and appointments. Talk it out and follow symbols, feelings and intuitions. Try out information to see if it works. This is where the rubber meets the road.

Leo, intimacy with your spouse and closest friends takes a step up. You may even show some of your less desirable side and it seems okay. Undertake a practical examination of core values and what you are willing to pay and do to have them. Financial and emotional security are the goals.

Virgo, you, who loves to serve, needs time and attention. Take it before you have a picky, snit-fit and feel overexposed. Don’t cross close friends, spouse and frenemies off your list because you aren’t taking care of yourself. Showing your needy side creates bonds on a deeper level.

Libra, this is a full moon to duck. You aren’t thinking straight and what you’re feeling comes from the depths. Close friends, your mate and you are needy at the same time and everyone feels entitled. What you think is bad behavior may be a new level of partnership!

Scorpio, long range plans are pushing up against creativity. Friends and associates are needy in a picky kind of way but new ones appear matching new directions. Give your spouse a chance to catch up. Be your most creative, expressive and joyful self and take risks.

Sagittarius, as much as you try to get practical actions accomplished at work, there is a certain amount of fuzziness, agitation and maybe even depression dragging on you. Take some quiet time revisiting your roots for balance. Prepare ahead of the full moon and don’t expect a spectacular day.

Capricorn, talking, comings and goings, activities around your home might make you long for a vacation. Be sure to get enough sleep through this phase. It brings some clarity about what really needs to be done. Unfortunately, you are working close to psychological bone. Feel your way along.

Aquarius, financial and emotional security is your prime target and intimate partners could be quite pragmatic. If they ‘win’, it doesn’t mean you have no self-worth, it’s just a little vague at the moment. Are you dominating conversations? Take a deep breath and ground yourself.

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