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Depending on your perspective

I had just reached the stretch of Hwy 101 coming into Port Angeles that offers an expansive view of the forest framing the Olympics. It… Continue reading


The problem with short-term thinking

During the short and rainy days of February, it’s noticeably more difficult to keep our energy up. “Maybe tomorrow I’ll trim that tree, rake those… Continue reading


December: A season of meaning | Choices for the Future

Our family tradition in Wisconsin was to be home for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Sometimes, our grandparents from South Dakota would stay for a… Continue reading


Not so much | Choices for the Future

I used to think I knew the answers to a lot of environmental questions. You know, the “paper or plastic” shopping bag type-questions. Only in… Continue reading

Shaken awake, moving toward self-sufficiency | Choices for the Future

Some people bristle a bit at “lemonade folks” like me, but I’m the type of person who sees a silver lining. I’m excited by the… Continue reading

Still Waters run deep | Choices for the Future

“still waters run deep” — proverb: a quiet or placid manner may conceal a more passionate nature. Very soon, the second phase of the Carpenter… Continue reading