Racquetball: Results for the 13th annual open singles championships at KTAC

EAST BREMERTON — The Kitsap Tennis and Athletic Center hosted the 13th Annual McClouds Grill House Racquetball Singles Championship on Dec. 7. The free-to-watch event featured mostly players from Kitsap County, but had one entrant each from Seattle, California and Germany.

Results (top two in each category)

Open singles

David Lorenz, Hansville, 88 points.

Harold McDonald, Bremerton, 76 points.

A singles

Will Wallace, Bremerton, 85 points.

Mike Meadows, Seattle, 80 points.

A/B singles

Tracey Sunquist, Poulsbo, 83 points.

Larry Tuke, Silverdale, 61 points.

B singles

Bob Alderson, California, 88 points.

Doug Whittle, Bremerton, 69 points.

C singles

Larry Mizar, Bremerton, 82 points.

Mike Zetty, Bremerton, 75 points.

Left/off-hand singles

Harold McDonald, Bremerton, 87 points.

David Lorenz, Hansville, 83 points.

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