Halloween car show spooks, delights

Halloween festivities in Poulsbo looked a bit different this year.

Rather than trick-or-treat up and down a closed-off Front Street, the little ghosts and goblins remained in their vehicles while navigating a map through town to find the best treats courtesy of the Poulsbo Chamber of Commerce.

Whether dressed up or in “muggle” clothes, all shoppers and diners along Front Street were treated to an impromptu Halloween car show as well, courtesy of members of the Historic Downtown Poulsbo Association.

Car enthusiasts and their drivers got dressed up to spook and delight passersby. Some even tossed out candy.

Viking gods bravely fight off coronavirus in the Bad Blanche Collection store mural on Front Street.
This roadster is in search of The Great Pumpkin!
Classic pickup displays a silly personality.
This truck came from a galaxy far, far away...
Scarecrow going on a joy ride in the farmers truck
This Astronaut and Alien were one of several stops for those participating in the Halloween Hunt!
Care Bears or sCare Bears?
Mayor Becky Erickson and her husband Jerry passed out candy outside City Hall.