A wall of comic books at Avalon Comics in Silverdale.
                                Michelle Beahm / Kitsap News Group file photo

Beahm Me Up | Where in the timeline do you start?

One of the most quintessentially “nerdy” things in existence is the comic book. Even in today’s society, comic books are considered nerdy — and that… Continue reading

A wall of comic books at Avalon Comics in Silverdale.
                                Michelle Beahm / Kitsap News Group file photo

Roseanne and Ambien

Racist comments don’t kill careers, Ambien does … — Bruce Plante, Tulsa World Racist remarks on her Twitter feed were more than enough on May… Continue reading

Taskforce on public records law sits vacant while Legislature sorts things out

OLYMPIA — A bunch of folks at the William D. Ruckelshaus Center are waiting to help bring about detente in the public records battle between… Continue reading

How to avoid kerfuffles afloat

By Walt Elliott Kingston Community News, Columnist With trumpets and the sound of the horn, the boating season is upon us… Honk! Honk! Honk! Hoonk!… Continue reading

Liberty Bay is becoming shallower | Words from the Waterfront

POULSBO — The Port of Poulsbo commissioner meeting agenda now carries an ongoing item: Silt/Storm Water Runoff. Why? Liberty Bay is filling in. The Dogfish… Continue reading

What is a College Town?

My column this week contains the second part of Councilman Ed Stern’s interview, which focuses attention on his answer to “What is your vision for… Continue reading

Consider food justice

Kitsap Aware has planned a forum on Food Justice for June. I researched the topic to share some basics. That big old divide between the… Continue reading

Facebook Invasion

Facebook Invasion — Gary McCoy, Shiloh, Illinois (CagleCartoons.com)… Continue reading

Facebook invasion

Facebook Invasion — Gary McCoy, Shiloh, Illinois (CagleCartoons.com)… Continue reading

Disinterested electorate a danger to democracy

The need to increase citizen involvement in local government and increase the number of registered voters

Editorial cartoon

Kim Jong Un Bomb Squad — Rick McKee, The Augusta Chronicle, Georgia… Continue reading

Eyman putting his money at risk for car tax initiative

The initiative booster’s move is dramatic — or desperate — depending on your point of view.

Bill Effinger | Adequate housing for all Poulsbo citizens, a must

Mayor and city council must assure affordable housing is available

Poulsbo in focus

Welcome to my new column which will feature comments from and about our local leaders and everyday citizens who make up the population of the… Continue reading

Poulsbo in FOCUS

Researching for this article, I found that the year 2019 should prove to be quite interesting politically in that five of the seven Poulsbo council… Continue reading

Effinger: History Repeating Itself

Digressing from my focus on local government, I am sharing a “history repeats itself” moment to illustrate the current trend of young people becoming active… Continue reading

Civic engagement starts with a well-informed public

A recent visit to the Poulsbo office of the North Kitsap Herald by Congressman Derek Kilmer produced the following comment during an interview with reporter… Continue reading

Poulsbo in Focus: Garland’s run shows winds are changing

By Bill Effinger This recent headline in the Kitsap Daily News caught my attention: “Poulsbo workshop will examine mayor’s salary, executive structure.” This is important… Continue reading

Beahm Me Up | Let’s talk about spoilers

The topic of discussion is that which shouldn’t be discussed: Spoilers.

Commissioners focus on community benefit

It is often voiced that elected officials seem to no longer understand the term “public service.” On a daily basis, we see evidence that those… Continue reading

  • May 10, 2018