Lies generated by a president — this time it’s Trump

Whether you like President Trump or not, he has made a serious blunder about Syria. There are several reasons for that blunder, and they all involve deliberate, false or just plain ignorant supplying of information.

Secondly, the president has not rid this government of all the Obama holdovers in high positions that will do exactly what led to Syria and false, ignorant, unjustified, legitimate information.

Adding to this problem are some of the people he has installed into positions that have absolutely no background or the required knowledge to run the department.

The glaring problem here is Susan Rice lying about Benghazi, Hillary Clinton lying about Benghazi and now a brand-new government lying about Syria. U.S. Secretary Rex Tillerson stated sarin gas, a nerve agent, was used.

As a boots-on-the-ground member of a military disaster recovery team trained to deal with atomic, biological and chemical disasters, I tell you this is a lie.

News video shows people walking around the dead bodies with no “anti-c” protection gear on, wearing sandals, bare skin exposed, etc. If it were sarin gas, they would all be dead.

Those people were choking on a chemical such as phosgene, a product of chlorine.

President Trump needs to quickly, graciously and humbly contact President Assad and President Putin and apologize for his mistake, ask for their forgiveness and then start cleaning out his government’s problems.

Larry L. Mann

Port Orchard