Ferguson’s not my choice for governor

If you don’t know who Bob Ferguson is, you’d better find out.

I hope you know who Bob Ferguson is. If you don’t know, you had better find out as soon as possible that he is your Washington state attorney general.

Ferguson has not supported President Donald Trump on any immigration issues. He thinks Washington should be a sanctuary state. That is, illegal aliens should have priority over its own legal citizens.

Ferguson is not a friend of citizens who believe in Second Amendment rights. He has said he wants to ban the sale of semiautomatic sporting rifles.

He evidently does not believe that you should have First Amendment rights (Freedom of Speech), either. Case in point: Ferguson does not like initiative guru Tim Eyman or the initiatives he runs. Citizen initiatives are a right that is protected by the Washington state Constitution. But Attorney General Bob Ferguson announced at a 2017 press conference that he filed a lawsuit against Eyman to impose a $2.1 million fine and restrict him from future political activity. Shame on you, Bob. That is a violation of a person’s constitutional rights.

There is a rumor that Bob Ferguson would like to be the next governor of Washington state. I don’t think so, Bob.

The next time around, let’s elect a state attorney general that respects your constitutional rights.

Rob Daugherty


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Ferguson’s not my choice for governor

If you don’t know who Bob Ferguson is, you’d better find out.