WSP to conduct ‘Move Over, Slow Down’ emphasis patrols

Drivers in Kitsap County are being asked to make extra efforts to watch their speed as a part of the Washington State Patrol’s “Move Over, Slow Down” campaign.

The agency expected to conduct emphasis patrols during the day April 7, with extra emphasis on Highways 16 and 3. A WSP news release says state law requires drivers to move over when safe or reduce their speed to 10 mph under the speed limit when approaching an emergency or work zone.

“This law applies to more than just law enforcement, fire and ambulances,” the statement says. “It applies to vehicles with audible or visual signals, which include tow trucks, construction vehicles and Department of Transportation.”

WSP reported the agency had 113 patrol vehicles hit by drivers statewide in 2022, highlighting the need to educate the public with such emphasis patrols.

“Public safety workers assist the public in many ways from collisions to fixing the roadways motorists use daily,” the statement says. “Please remember to do your part and move over and slow down.”