This is what we think about Bainbridge Island

Want to know what you think about Bainbridge Island?

The city recently put out results of a National Community Survey. Jade Arocha, director of survey research for the Polco/National Research Center, presented the findings to the City Council.

Detailed results

The demographic was 73% were over age 55, 38% live in southern BI, 87% own their home, 90% are white and 54% are women.

Overall, 96% like the natural environment, 94% feel safe, 93% like the parks, 87% like education, culture and the arts; 78% feel connected, 78% like the economic health, 70% say there is good health and wellness, 64% like the layout of residential and commercial on BI, 46% favor the utilities and 43% like the transportation.

Survey respondents say over the next two years the city needs to focus on utilities 91% and transportation 83%. As a place to live, 94% like it.

The survey lists 10 areas that contribute to quality of life.

GOVERNMENT: Overall BI government got a 66% favorable rating, compared with the U.S. government’s 43%. Customer service got an 80%, but it drops a lot from there. Value of taxes 53%, headed in the right direction and honesty, both 46%; and confidence in leadership 37%.

ECONOMY: 90% say it’s a good place to visit, but only 56% think it’s a good place to work. The quality of businesses here got a 90%, but the variety is about half that at 49%. Shopping was given a 46%, employment 25% and cost of living a deplorable 13%.

MOBILITY: The use of public transit at 50% is much higher than the national average, as it carpools at 57% and bicycling at 71%.

COMMUNITY DESIGN: Respondents like their own neighborhood at 95%, but overall neighborhoods, commercial and residential planning received approvals in the high-30 percentiles. Public spaces got a 76%, with housing options at 23% and affordable housing a miserable 7%.

UTILITIES: Garbage got the highest marks with 86%, followed by water with 82%, sewer with 70%, power with 65% and internet with 40%.

SAFETY: Overall, 94% of respondents feel safe, with 98% feeling safe downtown and 95% feeling safe from violent crime. Services related to safety also received high marks, with fire at 90%, EMS at 89%, police at 83% and animal control at 74%.

NATURAL ENVIRONMENT: Cleanliness, water, air, preservation and open space were all higher than the national average with percentages around the 90s. The only lower ranking was recycling at 68%.

PARKS and RECREATION: Paths and walking trails are up 20% since 2017. Fitness and recreation opportunities, parks, recreation programs and recreation all received marks in the 90 percentile, again much better than the national average.

HEALTH: Respondents overall