Some park amenities, off leash dog parks set to return at month’s end

With the reopening of Kitsap County parks earlier this month, county officials have had to modify operations in order to stay within state and federal guidelines.

Off-leash dog parks at Howe Farm, Bandix and Silverdale Gateway Park will open May 30. Horseshoe Lake County Park will open on Saturday, May 23 and will remain open on weekends and holidays through Sept. 7.

All exterior restrooms are now open during regular park hours and are sanitized daily.

The county is still asking patrons to follow safe social distancing guidelines and protocols — keep six feet between you and anyone outside of your household, bring and wear gloves and face masks for safety, and disinfectant to wipe down surfaces after use. Park at least one space away from the nearest vehicle and only launch one boat at a time.