Serving Others Because Mankind is Our Business

Posing the question “What is the meaning of life?” can be a cliché, or it can serve as a universally profound question that shapes and directs one’s entire existence in pursuit of its answer. For me, the answer is found in acts of love in service to others. That meant finding a local organization that embraces this core value exponentially, which multiplies the power and efficacy of actions that make lives better for people anywhere — but especially for those who live in the community in and around Poulsbo.

The Poulsbo-NK Rotary Club breathes life into abstract intentions when its members, time and time again, identify a community need, roll up their sleeves and literally go to work with shovels, hammers and paint brushes. These varied service projects, tagged “Boots on the Ground,” spin dynamically in the center and heart of our local Rotary wheel.

Every second Saturday of the month is designated “Service Saturday.” Most recently the Poulsbo Rotary Club has contributed significantly to the following projects:

Nelson House

The conversion of the city of Poulsbo parks’ caretaker house into transitional housing for homeless young women began in May and was completed in December. We demolished, we painted, we reconstructed and furnished alongside community partners. Five women between the ages of 18 and 25 will be identified and supported by the Coffee Oasis case management system helping the residents find stability through education, employment and housing.

Trails and bridges in Fish Park

Over the course of several years, weeds and blackberry bushes have been removed, wheelbarrows filled with gravel for pathways, stepping stones laid, and wooden steps and bridges constructed over waterways to expand and beautify public access areas through this natural wonderland. Working closely with the city parks, our club members will continue to develop and maintain areas when asked to do so.

Days for Girls International Project

The Poulsbo-NK Rotary Club is a supporting partner with Days for Girls Poulsbo Chapter. We believe that every woman in the world should have access to feminine hygiene. Our members help create washable hygiene kits for distribution to girls and women in South Africa. We cut, we iron, we sew and appreciate the power of these products to allow girls in remote villages to continue their schooling uninterrupted. We engage members of our youth auxiliary group, the Interact Club, nurturing and applauding their active involvement.

Not just our club members participate in these “Boots on the Ground” projects. You will find many of our family members and friends volunteering alongside us. We also work in tandem with other service organizations, local businesses and public agencies. If and when busy intergenerational hands from multiple sectors of our society work harmoniously for a greater common good, then strong, vibrant and caring communities thrive in the present and into the future. I believe every effort propelled by kindness and love shines a light of hope. This gives meaning and purpose to my life.

The Poulsbo-NK Rotary Club is grateful to serve in a community that supports and shares its core mission. We pledge to continue our efforts to make the lives of all our residents better while focusing on the needs of our most vulnerable. If you haven’t already, we welcome and strongly urge you to join us in one of our many “Boots on the Ground” activities. We know in the convergence and in the confluence of many positive forces there are no limits to the possibilities.

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