Poulsbo Sealcoating saves roads, tax money

The city of Poulsbo is working on a Pavement Preservation Project to extend the life of roadways on neighborhood streets.

The projects are funded by local tax dollars. They are not eligible for state and federal grants like larger arterial roads.

One of the most important elements is keeping water from getting into the subgrade of the roadway, which provides the most value for dollars spent. Over the last few years, Chip Seal was used with good results.

But this year the city is focusing on a large-scale Sealcoat project utilizing Liquid Roads Ultra. This method of roadway preservation is meant for streets that are aging but still structurally sound.

The city will be Sealcoating about 3.2 miles of neighborhood streets with a cost around $300,000. Chip Seal would have cost $600,000, and a 2-inch Asphalt Overlay would have cost more than $1.4 million.

Preserving saves taxpayer money over the life of the roadway. All roads in this year’s project range from 17-28 years old and have had limited maintenance.

Neighborhoods for this year’s project include: Deer Run, Meredith Heights, Austerbruin, Thistle court, Whitney’s Glenn, Applewood, 12th Avenue/Wilderness View and Alasund Meadows.

Exact work dates in each neighborhood have not been scheduled, but signage as well as notices will be handed out at least a week prior to project start.