Poulsbo breakwater OK’d but bidding delayed

The hearing examiner for the city of Poulsbo has approved the Port of Poulsbo’s Breakwater Replacement project to go out for bidding.

However, it may be put on hold until September due to disagreements between regional fisheries and the Army Corp of Engineers.

For over a year now the Port has been in the process of replacing its deteriorating breakwater in the marina with a floating concrete pontoon breakwater purchased from Elliot Bay Marina.

The new breakwater would not only be more structurally sound but would provide additional moorage for visitors and liveaboards. It would also include a floating restroom and a new up-weller system to keep the marina clean.

It was initially hoped that the project would go out for bid this month, with construction beginning in July, but now it’s looking more like September.

“We might get stalled due to the dysfunction going on between Fisheries and the Army Corps,” Port manager Carol Tripp said.

While some delays from the permitting agencies were anticipated because of Covid, the length of these interruptions has come as a surprise and contributed to project delays.

“Now that our permit has been approved, it will be forwarded to Department of Ecology, Army Corp and Fisheries,” Tripp said.