Port Orchard Police Reports

Senior misdeeds and a backdrop of drugs

The following summaries were selected from Port Orchard Police Department reports filed by officers during the past week. The summaries were edited for brevity and clarity, and don’t represent the full procedures enlisted by officers during the incidents.

Oct. 15

An officer was called to a Bethel Avenue motel on a report of narcotics found in a room. The manager told the officer he had to kick out a customer who had stayed beyond check-out time. He reportedly stayed just one night and had overslept. After the customer left, the manager entered the room to clean up and found narcotics in the bathroom wrapped in a bathroom towel.

Laying next to the narcotics was a rolled $10 bill. The manager gave the officer the customer’s name, the money and the narcotics, which was later tested and determined to be crystal methamphetamine. Upon running the customer’s name, it was discovered he was the owner of multiple felony warrants. The manager said the man was reportedly wearing a green camouflage top and bottom when he departed at about 2 p.m. The officer conducted a patrol check but was unable to locate the suspect. The meth weighed in at 1.45 grams. Both the narcotics and the $10 bill were entered into evidence.

Oct. 12

At 6:09 p.m., an officer was dispatched to a senior citizen facility in the area on a report of a verbal dispute between two residents. The officer spoke with the caller, who said she wanted to report a verbal altercation she had with a male resident.

While at dinner in the cafeteria, the woman said she observed a man “picking on” someone. She asked him why he was speaking to kitchen staff in a rude manner. It was then that the man rolled over to her at a “fast rate” in his motorized wheelchair. He began to look at her in what she described as a “threatening manner.” That’s when the woman told the officer she decided to call 911. The woman said the man has a history of being rude and acting threatening to everyone at the facility. She told the officer she would be looking into a restraining order against the man because of his behavior. The officer, however, determined that no actual threats were made and the argument did not become physical.

Oct. 11

At a local nursing home facility, another officer responded to a call about an assault that reportedly had occurred there. A man had called 911 to report that another man in his adjoining hospital room the past five days had pushed him. The officer contacted the caller, who was preparing to check out of the facility. He said his roommate was arguing with him, then pushed him while he was seated on his bed. The man told the officer he fell backward off the bed and onto the floor.

He reported he was uninjured but wanted to press charges against “the man” — he didn’t know his name. Nurses stationed nearby said they checked on the two men just before the incident and reported they were in their separate areas with the drape drawn between them. Both had been eating quietly and watching TV without speaking with each other. The officer then spoke to the accused man, who was sitting outside the facility. He was read his Miranda rights and agreed to speak with the officer. Asked if he had pushed his roommate, he said “no” and alleged that the man fell off the bed without help, denying that he had pushed him.

One of the nurses told the officer that the accused man had resided at the facility for the past two years. She said he is known to have a temper but has never before physically harmed anyone. The complainant, she said, had checked into the facility five days before and frequently expressed confusion. The nurse said she had just gotten off the phone with the man’s wife, who tried to tell him that they were not pressing charges.

Oct. 11

At 6:45 p.m., an officer visited with a suspicious male at a business at the 2700 block of Southeast Mile Hill Drive, who he recognized from a previous encounter. The man was outside with the business owner, who had asked him to gather his belongings from behind the business and leave the property.

While watching the man pick up his belongings from the area, the officer witnessed a female walk out from the woods where several transients have reportedly been camping and taking part in drug activity. The officer also remembered this individual from a recent narcotics/trespassing encounter. Asked what she was doing in the woods, the woman said she was “just passing through.” When the officer ran the woman’s name, a search returned a felony warrant for heroin possession. She was placed under arrest for the felony possession warrant and placed in handcuffs, then taken to Kitsap County Jail and booked with bail set at $5,000. The corrections officer at the jail facility located a small white crystal substance in a tiny plastic bag. The officer took possession of the substance and found it tested positive for meth.

The officer did not charge the woman with an additional possession charge but referred the case to the prosecutor. In the report, the officer stated the female suspect would be best served if she could be offered a chance at drug court.

Oct. 10

Officers were dispatched to a residence at the 4600 block of Bethel Avenue on a report of a burglary that was not in progress. They met with a woman who said she had left her residence at 1 a.m. to go to a birthday party at the Clearwater Casino. Returning home at about 5 a.m., the woman said someone had apparently entered her residence through the bathroom window. One of the officers discovered that the window was indeed open — there was no locking mechanism on it — nor any visible fingerprints. The woman said her 32-inch Panasonic television, valued at $200, was missing, as were a Bose speaker and 12 Barbie dolls valued at $100. Photos were taken at the scene as evidence. No suspect has yet been identified.